How do I patent a mouthpiece pipe rack ?

I’ve always had a problem when testing out mouthpieces, for example checking intonation on our old friends the C-Mels… I seem to have enough ligs, but far too few caps – and those that I have, despite cleaning and sterilising, still smell as though they have a touch of the bubonic plague about them. So how to keep mouthpieces, with reeds, together, safe, and portable ?

I had the idea of making a flat board with upright pegs, but then noticed an unused pipe rack in the corner. “Voila” – as they say across the Channel (or La Manche…)


The mouthpiece on the far left is my elderly “weapons grade” (thanks for that expression, Lewis) Lawton 8*BB – that has to be shielded at all times when not in use…..

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