Just so you don’t get bored whilst I rehost…

Ace & Holly

..the website onto UK Web.Solutions Direct, as Pipex was expensive, and the Customer Service seems to be on Vallium – judging by the response speed ! I can heartily recommend UKWSD, more bandwidth for less dosh, and lots of techie toys to play with. Anyway, here’s a picture of Ace (the collie) and her mate Holly (the lab). People who don’t like dogs should look away now –

And so as not to forget my daughters dog, George – the Lakeland terrier who thinks he’s a Tazmanian Devil (and I’m not going to tell him otherwise, certainly not while he’s looking at my dangly bits…) – here are George and Ace striking a very similar pose.

George & Ace

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2 Responses to Just so you don’t get bored whilst I rehost…

  1. ken says:

    “It’s behind you!”

  2. al says:

    Ken, they’re after a biscuit, the ball is momentarily forgotten. The really scary bit is when they both turn around and simultaneously go for the ball !

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