What a patina – thanks Lewis !

1904 R&C tenorA while ago, I featured a picture of  my rusty old garden incinerator,  and mentioned that a patina like that would be for saxplayers to literally die for ! Well, here is a picture of an elderly  Rampone & Cazzini   (circa 1904), enjoying the Devon sunshine, owned and photographed against a very substantial door by Lewis Pelham.

What a beaut ! With a patina that has taken many decades to produce.  I just love the slimline, minimalistic look of vintage tenors – lean and mean  And a very beautiful door, of course !  Just a folly, built by Lewis……

With, I think, an Otto Link, NY ?

– since been told by Lewis that it’s a   Jody Jazz mouthpiece, but with a Link lig – oops !

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9 Responses to What a patina – thanks Lewis !

  1. Dorset Driftwood says:

    Beauriful colour, if only I could ‘tan’ like that !

  2. Owen Woods says:

    Lovely finish, if only horns were avaliable in that now…

    Yes, I’m still here 🙂

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Owen, Nice to hear from you. With regard to patina, would it be cheating simply to strip the lacquer off a horn then respray with a copper tinted lacquer? For decades, read minutes.

    Alan, I think that the reason for lean, mean vintage tenors is not the body, which must be the same dimentions for it to work, but rather the position of the axles. Vintage axles ran down the side leaving a space between the body and the bell. M. Selmer is responsible for “fat” horns by filling this space with his front mounted axles starting with the BA series in 1935. It may not look so good but certainly made low C# a possibility!

    Kindest regards, Lewis.

  4. Lewis Pelham says:

    .”Aquilasax Steve” as everyone coverts that vintage patina, would it be practicable for you to offer it as an option on your new C Mel?. Mix the right colour into the clear lacquer and …Hey Presto, a 1920s horn!

  5. Owen Woods says:

    Lewis, if steve does make that finish then i may be unable to resist… it sin’t cheating, but I wouldn’t have the confidence to do it.

    Sorry to see that you’ve left the other forum again.

  6. al says:

    Just wanted to mention that I’m (ahem !) going thro’ a period of adjustment of colours and fonts etc.here. Anything that anyone strongly objects too – please email me ! I want this to be a friendly and easy place to come to, for anyone – regardless of creed, culture, or pitch of instrument…

    Owen, I’m sure Lewis will return to the “other place” in good time, things have a habit of regaining equilibrium – or turning full circle. We’ll just keep dropping his name there, until he can’t resist.

    I’d just love to be a “fly on the wall” in Steve’s Chinese “manufacturing centre of excellence..” I would imagine all these different finish requests are met with fortitude and inscrutability – however it’s spelt.

    Kindest Regards, Alan.

  7. Lewis Pelham says:

    I have emailed Steve asking whether the dark “vintage” finish could be made available. As his C Mel. will be a relatively short production run in the terms of a major manufacturer then any finish should be practicable.
    A fully engraved black horn is now seeming rather vulgar and anachronistic. 🙂

  8. Lewis Pelham says:

    Steve replied to say that he has already asked the factory to darken the lacquer.

  9. Owen Woods says:


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