Still using the new alto mouthpiece……

– I musn’t say “Aquilasax” or it’ll be yet another topic with Aquilasax in the title….

Here’s a pic of it against my trusty old vintage Berg bronze. Problem is that someone is interested in buying the Berg, and I think I’ll let it go. Above all, I mustn’t mention that apart from the fact that the (Chinese) Aquilasax Metalpro alto mouthpiece not only plays amazingly well, and is a quality piece – but it does look very suspiciously like the Yanagisawa silver alto mouthpiece, which costs much (much..) more ! Naturally no-one can (or will) confirm it’s origins, and I don’t think for a second that those nice Chinese chaps would ‘borrow’ a design from the Japanese. I mean it’s not as tho’ there are any Chinese copies of Yanagisawa saxophones, are there ? Really ? Well, I never ! Who’d have thought it !!

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It’s going to be great fun testing the Aquilasax C Metalpro when it arrives – if it has the standard ‘C’ internal chamber size for good intonation, but baffle and rails like the alto Metalpro for sound – it should be a very interesting combination indeed ! Thankfully I’ll still need to keep my weapons grade Lawton 8*BB for tenor use, but it may well be deposed on the C-Mel, if the Aquilasax C is as good as the alto one. But no pre-judgements, let’s just wait.

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13 Responses to Still using the new alto mouthpiece……

  1. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Here’s hoping Alan, let us know what it’s like when it comes.

  2. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    And I commented before you’d finished posting… again. 😉

  3. al says:

    Owen – you crept up on me again…… Have you got some sort of trace/feed on (or from) this blog, so you get an email when I post a new topic ?

    I’ve just resized the picture – far too big in the original !

  4. al says:

    And you re-commented before I’d finished explaining….. Whoah !!

  5. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    I haven’t no, just pure luck 🙂

  6. Sam ie says:

    I have a feed from your blog on iGoogle. Very handy, but Owen still got to it first!

  7. al says:

    Berg has just sold, so now I’m permanently on the Yani (oops, sorry “Aquilasax”) alto mouthpiece….

    Sad to see it go, but I still have great memories and pictures of the Berg, the money will come in handy towards the new C, and I won’t be tempted to constantly “mouthpiece-hop”, comparing sounds and response until my embouchure memory can take no more… 😦

  8. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Has it come yet?

  9. al says:

    So the bronze (alto) Berg has gone off to a new life, just left with the Aquilasax ‘Yani’ alto Metalpro, well, and about 15-20 assorted ebonite alto mouthpieces as well…..

    And the Aquilasax C Metalpro has yet to arrive….. Altho’ it has left NZ/China ! Guess I’d better get the C-Mel lip back now, just getting used to playing the alto(s) so it sounded like a C-Mel…

    I may just be spreading my embouchure a little too wide (or maybe too thinly ?). “Jack of all saxes”, and “Master of none” ?

  10. al says:

    Always like it – stay around for days, but just pop out for ten minutes, and come back to find that the Post Office has teleported a “Missed You..” postcard onto the doormat ! So the Metalpro C is now at the Sorting Office, if I’m not washed away in the floods I’ll collect it later today (Monday).

    I plan to play it exclusively on the Martin C-Mel for a couple of weeks, with my normal tenor reeds (Rico Royal #3) and avoid possibly confusing comparisons with other mouthieces by not playing any others during that time – giving it a very good chance to hopefully impress. As (for that reason) I haven’t played the C-Mel for a few weeks, whilst waiting for the arrival of this mouthpiece, the conclusions should be interesting….

    I’ll start a fresh topic, having read a couple of reports on saxontheweb, be interesting to see if I need to take a file to the end of the neck to get it on…….

  11. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    I hope not, does it have a bezel on the end, your Martin?

  12. al says:

    Owen, therein lies a tale, I need to take some pics and measurements, and do a few tests with a variety of necks etc…. It was very difficult to get on my Martin, where the cork is already well flattened at the end from trying various C-Mel (and a couple of alto) mouthpieces. The slight bezel wasn’t a problem, but I had to be careful not to strip off the neck cork behind it. It is t-i-g-h-t….

    The mouthpiece is a good ‘un, but I have to say probably not for me, it’s a smoother and slightly brighter/louder version of the ebonite one, but not quite the ‘character’ sound I prefer – I’ve already broken my stated intention “to play it exclusively on the Martin C-Mel for a couple of weeks” ! I had revert to my Zinner (tenor) mpc just to see if I’d ‘lost it’ by not playing C-mel for a while…. I hadn’t. I’ll copy this post into a new topic I’ll be starting over the next couple of days.

    It’s not (sadly, for me) a C-mel version of the (very) peppy Aquilasax alto mouthpiece that I fell in love with a while back, just a slightly peppier version of the Aquilasax ebonite C, still with all the roundness and subtlety of tone inherent in the original C deasign. (internals seem to match ‘by eye’). Great for classical or ensemble playing, church, or gentler folk/jazz. Not (imho) really the full range of dynamics for funkier jazz, gutsy blues or rock – but, to be fair, that’s not what exactly the C-mel was intended for ! Very reminiscent of the older Selmer round-chambered metal mouthpieces. Hmmm…… Confused.

    “I’ll be back, but not for a little while”

  13. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Well, it sounds great for me, but not if you want a gutsier sound… is that right?

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