A new front page for the website, more pics, less waffle….

– that just about says it all, still the same old stuff behind the new front page, but that will slowly change. Main effort now is to get the contents of the house listed (phew….) – I guess I’ll be back around 2020 !

Click here to take a look – or indeed click on the picture – any sensible comments accepted, open to any advice on layout/colours, and, as I can’t test it on every version of every browser, I’m sure someone will let me know where it doesn’t work – and whether I’m colour-sensitive to your needs ? Wish I’d had Graphic Design as an option at school, instead of useless subjects like Music, Latin and Woodwork…. But then again, in the 50’s and 60’s, Graphic Design was just pencil and paper….. (we had got past the ‘slate and chalk’ stage !) 🙂

Thanks !

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5 Responses to A new front page for the website, more pics, less waffle….

  1. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Looks great Alan, although ‘c’ should be ‘C’ imho.

    I particularly like the c sop shot 🙂

  2. al says:

    Well, it’s such a tiny sax, needs all the PR it can get…… Pictures, and/or layout, still very flexible, so (as suggested, thanks Owen) now u/case ‘C’ and without the exclamation mark. I just fancied a change. The old bloke, with the self-supporting trousers, is/was my Grandfather. When I had short hair, and designer stubble, a few years back, it was mentioned that I look like him…………..hmmmm.

    Since then, #1 daughter has cast her experienced eye, and frowned a bit, so we’ve changed the layout and tweaked a few bits – I have to admit it now looks a bit more professional (never !) and even less cluttered – thanks Carla ! I’ve changed the screenshot (above) to reflect the current state – except that a static picture can’t show a throbbing ‘EMAIL’. That email gif is starting to grow on me, it’s like a heart, the website is alive….. Run away !

  3. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    I would move everything one or two spaces to the left, its ever so slightly off centre 🙂

    Other than that, yes, very professional.

  4. al says:

    Owen – I’ve just spent over two hours re-juggling everything because I ‘stuffed up’ trying to reach a compromise between the way different browsers display the page – and none of them displays like the Outlook I use to build the site !

    I’m going to have to pass on the “one or two spaces to the left”, because everything is built on a (e.g.)a 25×15 cell table as a base, and the way tables float varies from browser to browser, and display resolution. So it’s always a compromise, and the more I learn, I then realise how little I actually know……

    Now I’ve got a basic layout that I’m happy with, I may look for a five-column floating template, and drop it all onto that. My brain hurts, need to blow a little to reduce pressure.

  5. al says:

    As I’ve just mentioned to Lewis – with that sort of layout I can easily change the photo’s, as long as I crop the new ones to the same aspect ratio as the old ‘uns – so I don’t muck up the spacing.

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