C-Soprano information required, anything you have…….

C-Soprano information required, anything you have, or know of, for a new C-Soprano section being added to my cmelodysax.co.uk website, to replace the single page currently there.

I desperately need pictures, sounds, links, and personal details if you play C-Sop and you’d like to be included in a list of current C-Sop users. Either contact me thro the website, or email me directly. Any contributions will be acknowledged on the website, unless of course you wish to remain anonymous.

new cmelodysax c-soprano pageI’ve had a great start already from sites such as USA Horn and Cybersax allowing me to use some of their pics of C-Sops. I’m also considering including any Bb soprano ‘unusuals’…..?

I really play C-Sop more than C-Mel these days, and would like to know more about them (and indeed pass all that info on…) – just hope it doesn’t push the prices up ! Viewable now, obviously still ‘under construction’, and any suggestions/changes will be happily considered. Thanks !

(P.S. readers here may noticed the “new c-soprano page” link in the Blogroll, feel free to preview as I’m building it, in fact it’s grown so fast I’ve now changed all the website links to point to it, instead of the old C-Sop page – but you still may need to use the back arrow on your browser occasionally……)

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2 Responses to C-Soprano information required, anything you have…….

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Feel free to use this picture: http://www.gandalfe.net/images/saxpics/conncsop_med.jpg of a Conn New Wonder C soprano sax.

  2. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Unfortunately I know much less than you, or I would contribute.

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