Been a busy month, the blog has stalled…..

…so I’ll list some of the changes here, in case anyone is out there ?

First off, still trying to get the C-Soprano pages together, lots of pics etc. to wade through !

Noticed that my old Sounds Page doesn’t seem to have any sounds anymore, they vanished in one of the recent moves, wonder why no-one said ? Oh well, I can re-design it as well. Never ending spiral of course, then some other pages look lack-lustre ! And I have a growing (electronic) folder of additions to many pages, sigh…

Still commenting on Wades forum (which appears to be losing impetus) and saxontheweb (which is improving…)

Few old friends going, just sold my Zinner/Strathon mouthpieces to a good home (in Cambridge ?), and Lewis has been bulk-buying my Metallites to mount a concerted challenge to the Devon lighthouse foghorns ! 🙂

Converting the spare (spare) bedroom into a workshop and storage room, can’t move for clutter in the rest of the house, and it’s a sauna in the old worshop/conservatory – so the cunning plan is to photograph and list everything on the website as I progressively move it into the ‘pink/spare room’ (used to be for granddaughter, growing up – she now prefers the bigger ‘blue/spare room’…) More work, but, it’ll be great when it’s finished ! But have I ever really completely finished anything in my life ?

I also need to get a better internet PC, so I’ll move this one (my £20 car-boot special), with all the recording stuff into that room as well – good job I don’t have a cat ! (subtle joke there, get it ?)

Just started a page on C-Mel Mouthpieces, featuring (long overdue !) Steve’s Aquilasax ones…. Latest on the 2007 C-Sax is that thay should start shipping in August. In the process I’ve found my favourite mouthpiece, a slim ebonite Couf J9*S sounds great on a C-Mel version of “Moonlight in/on Portland Bill” – intonation is good on the tuner, must get some playing time in on it ! Oh, and I’m expecting a soprano Metalpro mouthpiece (Bb, #7) from Steve to confirm how good it is on C-Sop – his initial tests were very promising !

And also trying to sort out a few Gigabyte’s worth of digital photo’s – plus scan in mini-mountains of paper ones – for the galleries. So you can see that ‘retired’ life is indee boringly quiet. I haven’t touched on restoring instruments (long queue), recording much better sound samples with backing tracks, practising, family responsibilities (hmmmm…), gardening, redecoration, enjoying the natural beauty of Dorset (with daughter Carla plus the fearless duo Ace & George, of course) or general de-cluttering and cleaning yet ! Feeling tired now, just thinking about it all – need to go and lie down……………………. (is that enough dots Owen ?)


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4 Responses to Been a busy month, the blog has stalled…..

  1. al says:

    Excuse me treating this as a ‘to-do’ list, but it helps. ‘Sounds’ are now back, just need to change the layout, and convert the (majority of) wav files to mp3, for faster download. Must remember to put a ‘forwarding’ in the saxophones directory, as I’ve moved the sounds.htm from saxophones to saxophones/sounds. Loads of other wav files kicking around in those two directories, I wonder what little gems are lurking ?

  2. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Well I’ve only been in England for 2 days this month, obviously why the other forum has lost impetus…

    Your sample with the Coef is sounding great Alan.

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Alan…The Rico Metalite is the mouthpiece that I have been seeking since 1887. Huge gap, edgy, incredibly solid & even throughout it’s range; (and beyond),and oh so easy to play…just perfect. Just ask it, and it will do it: subtones to kazoo.
    Ironic that such an inexpensive piece is my preference when I have a drawer full of expensive Carlos Fandangos.
    Many people admit to loving them but will not play them in public if another saxophonist is around…sheer snobbery.
    However, I must admit to liking VW Beetles and 2CVs…entrenching me firmly in the “low maintenance” philistine camp.

  4. al says:

    Lewis – since 1887, huh ? I knew you were old, but……. 🙂

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