And now I’ve got an Aquilasax C-Soprano mouthpiece !

Well, not really a C-Sop mouthpiece, but a normal Bb-Sop mouthpiece that has excellent intonation on my Conn C-Sop !

But it has a baffle arrangement that is quite distinct, so I’m hoping that it will help me trace which manufacturer it has been ‘borrowed’ from…. There is a substantial ‘flat’ at the top, then the baffle slopes away, to end in quite a drastic ‘drop’ into the chamber, as the polished baffle ends in ‘mid air’. Plays like a good-un’ ! Really, equally as interesting as the Aquilasax alto mouthpiece, but different !

Clear crisp sound – Steve sent me a #7 to evaluate, to confirm the excellent intonation he got on his Buescher with a #5. At the moment I’m a bit hindered by a bug that little Jo breathed on me (before she jetted off to sunny Spain…), it’s having a fight with the asthma, so as soon as I can breathe sensibly I’ll put up some sound samples.

Apart from the top flat being curved, looks quite like the baffle on those Metallites, Lewis ! In fact, have a look at the ‘step baffle’ on this page.

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25 Responses to And now I’ve got an Aquilasax C-Soprano mouthpiece !

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Good site describing the baffles. In reality, many mouthpieces are an amalgam of more than one shape.
    In the case of the stepped baffle, the air flow cannot possibly follow the shape, resulting a laminar flow way above the baffle…speeding the air flow, dropping the pressure at this point and effectively reducing the apparent volume of the chamber.
    Bernoulli would probably designed a venturi; now, that’s an idea…I will try it on a spare (duff) mouthpiece sometime.

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention…Hope that the asthma clears up soon. Bloody kids and their germs…to think that some restaurants allow kids and refuse dogs…Hey Ho.

  3. al says:

    Lewis – There’s a very prominent sign up outside Jo’s school, something along the lines of “Please respect our childrens health and leave your dogs outside”. The headmistress, who has a lovely terrier herself, is nervously waiting for me to add another sign underneath – “Please do the same with your Nits….”

    And yes, I’ve not noticed those partcular ‘’ pages before, I suspect he’s revamped his mouthpieceheaven website – quite a few interesting pages, as I’d expect from him. I’m just surprised at the amount of edge that can be produced from the very subtle Link ‘rollover’ baffle. Maybe that’s an area of expertise I could get into in my twilight years (or ‘twilight zone’ as some prefer to call this part of Dorset).

    I think the step baffle on Steve’s sop mpc has more than a passing acquaintance with the Guardala design… Quite different than the Yanagisawa resemblance to his excellent alto mouthpiece. I really must take a family photograph of the growing group of Aquilasax mouthpieces in my possession !

  4. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Dogs? Seriously ?! There’ll be a lot worse going in than them.

    Glad to hear the sop mouthpiece plays well (surprise surprise, it seems that Mr Woodward [?] has it made…) It must be a fascinating thing to try and design, more complex than boat hulls, or aerofoil sections I’ll warrant.

  5. Lewis Pelham says:

    Never having played one, I am thinking of buying a cheapo Bb soprano. Not prepared to spend real money yet as I may hate them.
    Do you happen to know Alan if this soprano mouthpiece is available as a 9?

  6. al says:

    Just trying to get my embouchure back after the “affliction” – that was bloody grim ! When I did have enough breath I couln’t play for coughing… Remind me to avoid plague infested children in future.

    I’ve been able to play the soprano Metalpro on my C-Sop – it’s quite crisp and bright (and therefore relatively unforgiving), so whilst I practise a little bit here’s a very poor attempt at Body and Soul using a vintage Bb ebonite Meyer, reworked by Mojo. I bought it at a bargain price from someone in Italy, you have to keep your eyes open.

    Lewis, this Metalpro would be great on a Bb Soprano for you, Steve only does it as a 5 or 7 – but, believe me, you won’t need more than a 7 unless you’ve a cast-iron embouchure, or decades of soprano experience..

    I’d be happy to lend this 7 to you, once tests are completed, a week or two away. I’ll obviously wash it ! I’ve only got it on approval from Steve, so (in theory) you could buy this one. Purely out of preference, I’ll probably stick to my ebonite Meyer & Link mouthpieces, for the slightly mellower sound. But the intonation on the Metalpro soprano mouthpiece is superb, even with a C-Sop – Steve has found the ideal mouthpiece if he goes for a new C-Soprano in 2008…. The 2007 C-Sax should be soon rolling off the production line !

    Owen – it’s Steve ‘Wedgewood’ at Aquilasax, I think Guwapo from Wades forum is Mr Woodward ?

  7. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Ah yes, that’s right. I knew it was something like that. I’ve emailed the folks at R&C to see what their allessophone is all about.

  8. al says:

    Good, hope you spelt it correctly…. Whilst you’re at it, ask them where the picture, went ! There was also a copy on the net at – but that’s gone as well….

    HOWEVER, here it is, searched on “alessofono” – got your Italian dictionary handy ?'alessofono.html – video clip and all ! However, the link to “Soprano Semicurvo” seems to have gone the way of the void. That’s what I hate about the internet, things vanish, what would happen if a library took a book off the shelves and burned it ? What will happen to my website when I eventually go to the great ‘C’ in the sky ? Morbid thoughts abound.

    Anyway, much bigger ‘alessofono’ picture at, and a poor one at the R&C website, (that figures….)

    By the way, I’m going to be very busy expanding my “For Sale” page, needs must, a lifetime of junk buying needs to be disposed of, I’m sure I’ll fit some ‘C’ time in there somewhere – going to be very memorable listing it all…(…)

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    I have decided that it would be idiotic to buy a student soprano when I remember some of the real dog tenors that I bought when looking for the ideal tenor for me.
    I do wish that you had not posted that R&C link because their semicurvo sop makes me weak at the knees. Available in any finish required…Oooohhh.
    Being prudent, I will wait for the right model Grassi on eBay, unless something gorgeous turns up first: like a semicuved Mauriat with those pearls of which only you remember the name!
    As you will not be buying the No.7 Aquilasax soprano mouthpiece, I would be grateful if you would bag it for me.
    I will be in touch later as we will be away for a few days from the end of the week…I might just as well practice on the mouthpiece even if I don’t yet have the other bit!

  10. Lewis Pelham says:

    Perhaps a silly question citizens.
    As I use baritone reeds on a tenor…floppy for longer = buzz: do I therefore use alto reeds on a soprano?

  11. al says:

    “do I therefore use alto reeds on a soprano” ?

    No Lewis, the only other reeds that easily interchange with soprano sax, are Bb clarinet – the size difference between sop & alto reeds is (relatively) much greater than between tenor & bari reeds. Although obviously you could trim some of the excess width off, but you’d still have a very long thin reed…..

    It’s not really easy to ‘welly up’ a soprano sound, although it may be possible to adapt a relatively small chambered alto mouthpiece (obviously with an alto reed). I think you’d be breaking new ground.

    WELL – I just thought I’d check, and on this saxontheweb thread, I found “Ok, I just threw one of my alto reeds on my sop, and holy crap. It brought my 200 dollar chinese horn to life! The intonation is suddenly good, and the tone about 100 times better! Thank god I read this thread!” So what do I know ? I’ll bugger off now………..

  12. Owen, 'the other viewer' says:

    Looks like an interesting sax, whatever the key…

  13. al says:

    Owen – I assume the pics are of an Eb alto Alessofono ?

  14. Lewis Pelham says:

    The “Alessophone” is, as you probably know an Eb alto with cosmetic changes by the design firm Alessi. Nothing wrong with that, I have an Alessi watch, very nice, beautiful design, but it goes no faster than a cheap watch!

  15. al says:

    “but it goes no faster than a cheap watch” – thank goodness for that, life is short enough……

  16. al says:

    Just found a slight problem with this blog. Ken has just posted a new comment in the “Aquilasax alto almost with me…” post. I get an email telling me he’s posted, but unless the rest of you specifically go back and look, there’s no easy way of you knowing that. Hmmmm.

    Anyone use a feed ?

  17. Lewis Pelham says:

    I see what you are saying. Under the current system we have to assume, unless we repeatedly check, that one topic is finished when a new one starts. Yet all those previous topics have validity and should be flagged if a new post appears.
    Just how can that be arranged?

  18. Lewis Pelham says:

    Somewhat off topic, but I thought that the following was worth mentioning:-
    As you will know from his web page, Steve Wedgewood’s soprano Aquilasax is offered only in silver plate.
    Somewhat tongue in cheek, I asked if he could assemble one for me with gold keywork…and Paua touches!
    His immediate reply “…. Matte or bright silver? Gold keywork no problem, and I believe they have spare Paua touches; I will check and let you know…”
    What an obliging chap. In this world of uniformity he is a beacon.

  19. al says:

    Yes, bottom line is, Steve is a “nice guy”. You obviously won’t get R&C quality at his prices, but if the sop is anything like the alto he sells, you will get a very good value sax, and (it seems) in your configuration…. Well done.

    Lewis – I’ve ‘upgraded’ you, Owen and Ken to be “Authors” on this blog. You can use the extra power to add new posts etc., or you can just do what you do now and ignore the extra power… But what this does do is to allow you to enter the ‘site admin’ area where you can see (e.g.) a box with “Latst Activity” listed – so it instantly shows the last half dozen (?) comments, and which posts they were in. Hope you all find this useful, and please do add new posts if you feel the urge – I can help with putting up pics etc. if desired. I’ll email you all this evening with your username, password, and helpful hints…

  20. ukebert says:

    Matte silver with gold keywork and Paua touches, dear me…

    very obliging chap. Would be dashed awkward if he wasn’t by jove.

  21. al says:

    As long as it doesn’t have a revolving bow tie on the bell…. (in memory of Mike Reid)

  22. lewis says:

    Ukebert, you may be interested in the north country version…solid brass wi’ hand hewn granite keywork resplendent with coal touch keys. It is to be noted that this model is not suitable for those with a received pronunciation embuschure, the A is very short and too close to the E as in “eeh lad, wots oop” :-))

  23. Lewis Pelham says:

    Ukebert. Please see details of the North Country version as laid out in “New Staff Appointments.

  24. lewis says:

    As Alan has stated previously, Steve Wedgewood of Aquasax sent him an example of his metal soprano mouthpiece on apro.
    Alan found that, although the piece was very good, it was too similar to some of his existing favourite pieces for him to justify it’s purchase. Consequently Alan “offered” the mouthpiece to me to compliment my impending Aquilla soprano…in other words, for Steve to add the cost of the mouthpiece to the bargain price soprano.
    Playing the mouthpiece for a few weeks, it has grown on Alan and he has decided to keep it. Of course, this makes no difference to me as I shall order an identical piece to be sent with my new horn; it will be sent from New Zealand.
    instead of Weymouth.
    My point is that this must be a very good mouthpiece for Alan, a very seasoned soprano player, (with a drawer full of old favourite mouthpieces) to buy.
    Another accolade for Steve’s products; it is almost tempting me,a tenor (and future soprano) player, to order one of his new C Melodies.

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