cmelodysax-uk, new staff appointments !

cmelodysax-uk welcomes (in alphabetical order) ken, lewis and owen as authors on this established and esteemed blog. Long may they post ! (Although they have yet to start….)

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16 Responses to cmelodysax-uk, new staff appointments !

  1. ukebert says:

    How exciting 😀

  2. al says:

    Owen – I can never tell whether you’re taking the mickey… I’ve just had to approve your comments, maybe because the ‘first time spam filter’ kicked in as you’re no longer posting as “Owen, the other viewer…” ? I’ll keep an eye on it.

    (ongoing test of simple smilies….) 🙂 😀 😉 😦 😐 😡 😕 ❓ ❗ 😯 😥 💡 ➡

    Don’t just sit there, start a new post

  3. ukebert says:

    I wasn’t, don’t worry 😉 It turns out that we can approve comments as well, just not ours, or maybe not those of authors.

  4. al says:

    Owen – as that comment ‘posted’ OK without interaction from me, I suspect the software says “I don’t care, even if you’re an author, the first comment is always subject to the ant-spam routine” ? Makes sense, in a techie sort of way…

  5. lewis says:

    Alan… Unusually for me, I am at a loss for words.
    What a rare honour.
    Seriously, thanks very much; it makes things much easier.

  6. lewis says:

    What an accolade…I am deeply honoured…many thanks, as this will make things easier and there is less chance of missing a facetious comment by ukebert 🙂

  7. lewis says:

    Wow…what an honour…deeply impresses. Seriosly, it will make things easier and there is less chance of missing ukeberts facetious comments. 🙂

  8. lewis says:

    Wow. What an honour…I am deeply touched.
    Seriously, it makes things much easier and there is no risk of me missing ukebert’s comments.
    Ukebert, you may like to know that Steve makes a North Country version…solid brass, wi’ keywork hewn out of solid granite with coal touches…it comes in a case covered with immitation whippet skin.
    Note. This horn is not suitable for those with a received pronunciation embouchure as the very short A is too close to the E; as in “eeh lad wats oop” 🙂

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    Highly flattered, many thanks; this will make things easier.

  10. Lewis Pelham says:

    You may be interested in the Oop North version. It is made of solid brass wi’ hand hewn granite keywork enhanced with coal key touches. The case is covered in imitation whippet skin.
    Note that this model is unsuitable for those with received pronunciation embouchures as the A is very short and too close to the E as in “….eeh lad wots oop…” :-))

  11. lewis says:

    Just testing to see whether this blog now accepts me…perhaps I need a Northern accent.
    I still do not know how to get a smiley, so this 🙂 will have to do.

  12. lewis says:

    Now, how did that work? My last but one smiley was a colon, a hyphen and a closing bracket and it came out exactly that. Miraculously doing the same thing, now comes out as a smiley. So the hard to please blog now not only recognises me but can also convert smileys…I hate electronics; give me straight forward Voodoo every time…makes much more sense. Now I can see how religion started!

  13. al says:

    Lewis – I’ve sent you an email explaining how I got the following line, but I’ll repeat it here for posterity…….

    (ongoing test of simple smilies….) 🙂 😀 😉 😦 😐 😡 😕 ❓ ❗ 😯 😥 💡 ➡

    It is just a space, followed by a colon, followed by a symbol – or maybe a word – and optionally a second colon.

    Just like these

    Some work, some don’t, it’s just trial and error.
    For example – “:shock:” with a space in place of the quotes, is

    They are (in order), with a space in place of the quotes,
    “:)” – “:D” – “;)” – “:(” – “:|” – “:x” – “:?” – “:?:” – “:!:” – “:shock:” – “:cry:” – “:idea:” – “:arrow:”

    And come out as) – 🙂 – 😀 – 😉 – 😦 – 😐 – 😡 – 😕 – ❓ – ❗ – 😯 – 😥 – 💡 – ➡


    The more complicated way is to use the ‘comment editor’ to insert a link to one of those smilies, as an image, e.g. the one with the megaphone is produced by editing in the following line-

    (less than symbol)img src=”” alt=”” /(greater than symbol)

    For that to show here, I had to change “” to “(greater than symbol)*, or you’d just get as an image…. Fun, isn’t it ?

  14. lewis says:

    Apologies for all the repeats…my vain attempts to post when the blog didn’t know who I was.
    I have discovered that repeatedly pressing the “submit comment” button does not work…neither does pressing it even harder. 😦
    Thanks for the explanation Alan.

  15. Ken says:

    Pressing “submit buttons” reminds me of when I used to go to Hanley Town Hall (Stoke on Trent) with my cousin to watch wrestling back in the late 60’s. Any wrong doing and the ladies with handbags on the front seats would attack the bad guy as soon as he was thrown out of the ring over the ropes(after a miraculous recovery of energy by the good guy).

  16. al says:

    Those were the days ! Trying to remember the TV wrestling commentator – Kent Walton ? Ah, sad, I just checked on Google, was him, but he died on Sunday, aged 86 !

    Welcome back Ken – where’ve you been ?

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