Decline of a forum, or is it symptomatic of the way the US is going ?

( under construction, the title will nag me until I post a few thoughts… 😕 )

However, with comments currently past twenty, who needs a topic ?

Now past thirty comments, so I’m definitely NOT going to bother 😀

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35 Responses to Decline of a forum, or is it symptomatic of the way the US is going ?

  1. lewis says:

    I fully understand your apprehension here…any off the wall, unfiltered comments of mine would be considered libellous.
    Is this wise young sir? The expression Hhhrrruuummmpphhh springs to mind. 🙂

  2. al says:

    Hmmm… Comments before I populate the post…. Novel. Maybe I should leave this as a ‘mystery’ and let conclusions be drawn independently ? That way I couldn’t get into trouble 😀

  3. ukebert says:

    I agree 🙂

  4. ukebert says:

    Dear me, I presume I’m one of the angst-causing brits… At the last count i contribute/have contributed regularly to at least 9 forums, with very little bother. Ah well, these things happen.

  5. al says:

    Just need one more for a quorum, where’s Ken when he’s needed ? (on holiday I think)

    By the way Lewis – i saw something on Steve’s website to the effect that “I’m in Africa for two weeks, so out of contact”. Guess this affects both your soprano and the C-Tenor ? Although I have the feeling that he winds the inscrutable factory up, and then steps back in eager anticipation to see what the outcome will be !

  6. ukebert says:

    I assume this is with this charity that he supports/runs giving instruments to churches in africa. I’m sure he’ll have a satellite broadband link 🙂

  7. al says:

    I suspect so Owen, Steve has a biblical quote on his website, and one of his interests on his blog is fellowship. In some of the pics he looks like a young/slim Terry Waite….

    Had a look back at the ‘aforementioned forum’, I see Jim B and JJ are gently locking horns, with Wade pouring oil on the waters….

    I’m just re-doing my will, maybe I should consider donating all my surplus instruments to Africa ? They’re gonna need a bigger truck !

  8. ukebert says:

    Nah, you need to set up “The C Melody Foundation” 😉

  9. al says:

    What, open a musical corset factory ?

  10. ukebert says:

    I’m going away tommorow for a week, and after three days away again for 2.5 weeks, so have a nice time all of you 🙂

  11. Gandalfe says:

    Hmm… just a title and no prose and you get over ten comments. I should try that some time. :o)

  12. al says:

    Next time I’ll try with a blank title as well…. 😯

    Owen, whether it’s work or play that takes you away, you seem to have life sussed, enjoy, and stay away from those internet cafes 😉 My granddaughter is just back from Spain, complaining that the hotel wanted one euro per ten minutes of internet access !

  13. Lewis Pelham says:

    My worry about charitable contributions to the desperate Africans is that one buys AK 47 bullets for the thugs who sit in the back of Toyota pick ups.
    Why does no-one have the courage to state what is obvious to all except politicians; Viz “…There was no trouble in Africa when it was colonised by The French, The Portuguese, The Belgians The Spanish and us…”

  14. al says:

    Independence often brings a heavy overhead, instability….. And, in the case of somewhere like Afghanistan, we’re now fighting the Taliban, who were covertly subsidised by the Americans whilst they were fighting the Russian occupiers, and who are now probably covertly subsidised by the Russians whilst they’re fighting the US-backed government forces – aided by us…

    And if a fraction of the money that went into all armaments could go towards the real needy, blah blah blah (but then no-one is listening…)

  15. al says:

    Gonna be quiet, with over a quarter of the contributors on holiday for best part of a month…

    (Quick translation to Queens English, “Gonna….” = “Golly gosh chaps, it’s isn’t half going to….”)

  16. Lewis Pelham says:

    Don’t y’ know.

  17. Lewis Pelham says:

    To return to the implied topic.
    The forum to which you tacitly refer was a delightful light hearted forum where a vast amount of information was provided, by a few cranks, on the subject of C Melody saxophones.
    It frequently went way off topic but that was it’s nature.
    If anyone asked a question about C melodies all the banter stopped and the question was answered comprehensively.
    It was, effectively a club where like minded, off the main beat, saxophonists could chat about esoteric features of their obsolete saxophones. Although I own, but no longer play, a C Melody I felt a member of this club.
    It all started to go wrong when a certain bombastic American launched in, out of the blue, with a tirade against Alan…not requests, but demands. Later, his like minded friends joined in, all professional saxophonists in their opinion and whose opinions could not be challenged.
    From there it decayed into a repeat of the Anglo/American war of Independence.
    Fortunately, by this time, all the valid questions about C Melodies had been resolved.
    A personal matter, but I found it hard to tip toe around the Happy Clappy, God Bothering aspect of the forum… that could not be challenged because the forum founder is of a superstitious, cannot possibly be wrong despite the lack of evidence, persuasion…it is his site so we have to pander to his preferences, however illogical.
    Full marks to you Alan for this blog which reminds me of the early days of the other forum.

  18. al says:

    Lewis, thanks for that. It is a shame about ‘the old place’ – I sometimes look back in on old topics there, gathering useful info and maybe reliving the odd memory (some of it still makes me smile), and, apart from (or maybe even with) SelmerSaxman, they were a good bunch. The ratio of banter to info was sensible in those days, good stuff ! Now, despite jazzbug1’s offbeat humour, it’s a pretty grim place. Maybe it’ll bounce back, I hope so – I still look in occasionally to see if I can contribute meaningfully, which isn’t often.

    Thankfully there’s still saxontheweb, strange that some of the more ‘extreme’ personalities on ‘the old place’ don’t subscribe or contribute to saxontheweb, even on the subject of Bb & Eb saxophones, not just C’s ? Pity that more don’t air their views here – apart from the usual four, Gandalfe pops in sometimes, Steve (NZ) has been here, but maybe this is too obscure for most. I suspect quite a few people peek, get confused or shy, and go away. But I like it here, not too flashy and it’s almost how I wanted the doomed late ‘UK C-Mel Forum’ to be. I’ll still be here until I can’t type anymore, but I can’t guarantee the content…

    You know you guys can make your own topics/posts ? Glad to help if needed, with ‘how to’ and pics… If anyone else I know (of) is reading this, and wants the ability to post a topic (as opposed to just comments), I’ll gladly consider granting privileges.

    By the way – I’ve added a Bolgroll link to Gandalfe’s ‘Bis key Chronicles’ – scroll down to Aug 5th and have a look at his ‘Nutrition for Americans…’ topic – very apt ! Entertaining place, how can a man practise regularly on so many saxophones ? 😀

  19. Gandalfe says:

    how can a man practise regularly on so many saxophones? – Alan

    Well, I don’t practice enough on the tenor for a jazz ensemble, alto and sop for a jazz combo, and bass clarinet for a community band and sometimes all of these for the second story rep pit band. Mostly the day job at Microsoft sucks up the time. And as a hobbyst admin on SOTW (a what? ;o) there goes more time. Did I mention I’m redoing an old house for my daughter’s family too?

    But I do have great hopes to add the new C to my rep. The Conn straight neck is nice, but the ergos really aren’t the best. BTW, thanks for the pointer to my fledgling blog.

    Um… I really should go back to work. I have a status one-on-one in 15 minutes to prepare for. :o)

  20. lewis says:

    Yes, but what do you do in your spare time? 🙂
    In my experience the ergos of the Conn are a delight compared to the Buescher and the King; the only other C Mels that I have played. It was the bland, polite sound that I could not live with.

  21. al says:

    Ah, Microsoft… Once upon a time I used to be a happy unix systems integrator/administrator – then into my life came came graphics, databases and integration with NT…. I think NT was the final straw, but I really did like the “Blue Screen of Death…” – had an air of finality about it, someone once scared half the users to death by sneaking a ‘Blue Screen’ screensaver into the standard PC build. Not me, honest ! 😀

    After that, saxophones went back to becoming the most user-friendly thing in my life ! I understand why you have so many (are you a Gemini ?), like me you probably don’t understand anyone who says “I’m bored…” – that would indeed be a luxury ! And I too await the ‘new C’, as a modern variation on the older Conn C-Mel (the pre straight-neck ‘Wonder’), combined with the ergonomics of the Aquilasax alto I have, it promises to be an interesting experience. But at a very affordable price, good luck Steve, brave venture.

  22. al says:

    Wow – stereo posts, thought transferrance, Twilight Zone and X-Files, spooky…..

  23. ukebert says:

    Back again 😀

    I joined towards the end of the glory days, when Cap’n M (lets not beat about the bush) was recently joined. I remember the attack on Alan, and after he slunk away for a bit he returned. I don’t think he’s that bad a chap, but with him and his friends they have turned the forum into a bit of a death trap. Heigh Ho, such is life.

    I was at Sidmouth Folk Festival (q groan from Lewis) and saw no fewer than 3 C Melodies. One was in a concert band, but I got to speak to both the two others. One was playing a Wurlitzer Beuscher Stencil (I believe) with the remains of the classic silver body gold keys finish and the other a very good condition Buescher. Naturally I informed them about Aquilasax, and the old forum.

  24. al says:

    Owen – ” Naturally I informed them about Aquilasax, and the old forum” – but not about here, or my website ? Cough ! 😀

    I think I’ve stuffed myself on the old forum again, by replying to a ‘minor criticism’ of Ken calling his Denmark experience ‘a gig’. Seems that unless we do it for a living, we can’t call it a gig anymore, just ‘amateurish fumbling’ 😦

    Oh well, what the h*!! Currently devoting my time to setting up a new ‘for sale’ database (the ‘saxes-for-sale’ page was getting unwieldy and confusing), it’s behind the ‘band picture’ in the blog heading. Don’t like the colours much, but I’ll set it up first and tweak the code when I can find the right place. Had to do some low-level tweaking here, hard work, always one step away from chaos.

  25. ukebert says:

    Sorry Alan, completely slipped my mind, inexcusable I know. Ah well, they should get it from the Aquilasax website.

  26. lewis says:

    Alan… You think that you have stuffed yourself on the old forum…I have fanned the flames…what a pompous ass to denigrate Ken’s gig. Naively perhaps I thought music was about fun.
    Although “C Mel Steve” is in Africa it should not affect the production of the C Mel (or my soprano) as it is my belief that the production staff do not need Steve to be standing behind them…they have made saxophones before.
    Nice to have you back Owen…have a lie down to recover from the Folk stuff…one can take only so much Hey Nonny No. 🙂

  27. al says:

    Owen – I was only joking, but it would be great to increase the readership, someone else might actually comment….

    Lewis – I re-commented there (in for a penny, in for a pound…) , and I totally stand by my statement that most semi-pro musicians I’ve ever worked with have been far nicer, and certainly more reliable, people ! Some of the more outstanding pro’s may have been technically and artistically better, but that usually came at a heavy price – attitude and/or arrogance often being the problem… Not to mention the ‘prima donna’ syndrome !

  28. lewis says:

    Ben Webster was regarded, & consequently sacked, for being “too high maintenance”; yet he must have been utterly reliable when compared with Charlie Parker.
    The list is endless.
    What is it about conceited professional musicians? During my career I have worked with extraordinarily clever engineers to whom we owe a great debt; without exception they have been modest to a fault.

    Owen, Alan is right, we need more contributors…but do try not to attract those, who shall be nameless, from the New World.

  29. al says:

    Lewis – I think “conceited professional musicians” may be carried away by the visible power they have over mere “punters”, but then sadly allow that to overlap into more personal relationships – i.e. they lose touch with reality. Whereas ‘techies’ are normally quite modest people who seem to derive more ‘self satisfaction’ from their achievements, and are often reluctant to praise themselves.

    The New World isn’t so bad, I never seem to attract the same reaction from posters on saxontheweb as from some posters on t’other forum – but then why don’t the ‘grumblies’ from t’other forum post on saxontheweb ? Too complicated for them, either they don’t want to register, or maybe they know it’s better regulated ? I’d still like to find out who the ‘really amazing’ sax player Jungle Jim is, in reality – Muggles did say that we’d be amazed if we ever found out who he really is. Clarence Clemmons ?

  30. lewis says:

    I still believe that JJ and Muggers are one and the same…their preferences, short fuse and general demeanour are too similar.

  31. ukebert says:

    Another time I will, I think I was too shocked through seeing a C melody… interestingly all seemed to be using metal alto mouthpieces, and all were sounding very good in the context that they were being played in. Having said that, in a crowded session the cmel does tend to be drowned out, but then so does most things.

    By the way, my computer is on the blink, every so often it comes up with a blue screen, saying something like “we have detected that something is wrong. We have therefore shut everything down so that you do not know what it is.”. Even safe mode doesn’t work, just spiels out a load of MS DOS. so I’m on library computers at the moment, until thursday when I’m off to Canada.

  32. al says:

    Owen – it’s appropriately called “The Blue Screen of Death…” Helpful, isn’t it ?

    Enjoy Canada, look out for cheap strange saxophones !

  33. ukebert says:

    I will, and I may even attempt a post when I get back 🙂

  34. al says:

    Glad the ‘other place’ has picked up a bit, seems to be mostly jazzbug1 and the Brits tho’…

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