In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed the layout, again…

Adding a few permanent pics to brighten up the front page, as I suddenly realised that there weren’t any, so there’ll be a bit of juggling for a while as I try out suitable content and layout ! Currently above (left), my ’31 Martin C-Mel with a lovely vintage bronze lacquer that the picture doesn’t do justice to, then the first band I ever played in 😀 , and (right) a lacquered 20’s King C-Mel that I’m hoping not to have to sell… Both with front-F. Click on either of the two C-Mel pics for more info, the aim is for all the pics to eventually have embedded links, again, time permitting.

I thought I’d better add the Buescher logo just to be impartial, although I don’t play any (but I sadly miss a TrueTone Alto, and I once had a beast of a Buescher Bari from the same era). On the right, here, part of my L&H Martin stencil (project) C-Soprano – which I hope will eventually replace my silver Conn C-Sop – click on the image for the new C Soprano section..

OK, that’s all the major manufacturers mentioned ! Oh, and I do have a Holton C-Mel and C-Clari somewhere…. Plus a handful of Bueschers & Kings, the odd Martin & Conn – oh dear, I really do have to get organised and sell a few (but they’re like old friends, sigh….). OK – time to stop this, interesting and slightly addictive tho’ it is, and actually do something constructive !

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3 Responses to In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve changed the layout, again…

  1. alan says:

    Well, now everything is on one page, and the blog is part of the main page – I await comments ! Thanks to Carla for some very constructive criticism. Any other suggestions welcome…

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    I am assuming, as there is no reference to the blog, that the front page IS the blog…is this correct?

  3. alan says:

    Well spotted Lewis – those picture-links have always been either at the top or side of the blog, I’ve just organised them into a more visible panel.

    If anyone is researching C-Mels, they may (just possibly…) consider contributing to the blog. We are a small, but very select community – a little new blood may just broaden our horizons a tad ? I can but dream 🙂 Who knows ? I’ve tried several different approaches over the years.

    If the spammers keep hitting Wade’s site (I seem to spend more time there, deleting more spam, than reading the posts – if I can find them…) – who knows – we may get the odd trans-Atlantic comment here ? Nah… 😉

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