A victory for pounds, ounces, pints, inches, feet, miles, and the £….

It would seem that the EEC has finally caved in and allowed UK retailers to sell “by the pound” indefinitely…

Read all about it in, of all places, the Scotsman !

I guess now they’ll have to start teaching imperial units, alongside metric, in the schools again ?

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16 Responses to A victory for pounds, ounces, pints, inches, feet, miles, and the £….

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Alan. Around these parts, in isolated, rural & bucolic Devon, they never ventured into that Metric stuff…it has always been “sell by the pound”. A five penny piece is often referred to as “a shilling”.

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    I await from Steve two feet of soprano saxophone!

  3. al says:

    Plenty of time to look for some snakes and a wicker basket, then…. 😀

  4. ukebert says:

    They still do teach it Alan… it’s required for GCSE Maths to know the conversions, or at least it was when I did it. Of course, being a child of the metric age I refused.


    I measure height of people in feet, boats in feet, displacement of boats in imperial tonnes, mass of bells in hundredweight, people in stone, anything else in g and kg, technical measurements in mm, non-technical measurements in cm, and distance walked in miles.

    So I can’t grumble really 😉

  5. Lewis Pelham says:

    Owen…”bells in hundredweights”…you are sounding ominously like one of those noise vandals who disturb the piece on Sundays and ruin evenings for those in earshot with their much needed, and dreaded,”practice”….I do so hope that this is not the case.

  6. ukebert says:

    I am, as you well know; we have had this conversation before, and I am pleased to tell you that we have a simulator (sensors on the bells when they are muted) that we use for half od the practice, and shutters over the louvres for the other half 🙂

  7. Lewis Pelham says:

    I had forgotten; or, more likely, expunged it from my brain.
    Why should anyone wish to join a bunch of nerds who’s sole intention is to annoy neighbours…has flower arranging lost it’s appeal?

  8. ukebert says:


    It is a challenging discipline, requiring skill and dexterity, a head for numbers and self control. It involves a lot of patterns, which to somebody from a mathematical background like myself are very interesting. It is music, although some rings I would most vehemently decry…

    It’s also jolly good fun 🙂

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    I too have a mathematical background and I find it very boring and grossly antisocial. Good fun it may be to you, for reasons that I do not understand, but I do not get my fun at the expense of close neighbours.
    Perhaps you are also one of those who’s “fun” extends to driving around late at night with the stereo on full bass and full volume. Actually that is preferable to bell ringers, as it is transient.
    It, most emphatically, is not music, except for those with no sense of pitch.
    It is an unfair, medieval anachronism which should have been phased out with witch burning.

  10. al says:

    Hmmm “driving around late at night with the stereo on full bass ” – you must know the lad across the road ! I often wake in the middle of the night, wondering whether I’m having a heart attack, or was there just an earthquake ? No, just the inconsiderate young gentleman returning from gawd knows where…

    Whole groups of cars (often nothing special) cruise around the back streets of Weymouth, at full volume (stereo as well…) antagonising the local gendarmerie – quite amusing to see twenty or more cars reversing back up the labrynth, ‘synchronised retreat’ – all because the man who works for Argos has brought his truck home for the night and blocked the narrow street. As we all know, trucks don’t park with consideration for other road users, but somehow seem baffled when we don’t leave twenty-foot parking spaces for them 😀

    Just for Lewis – click here.

  11. Lewis Pelham says:

    “…returning from gawd knows where…” Now you know Alan; they are returning from bell ringing “practice” 🙂

  12. Lewis Pelham says:

    Alan… I clicked on “just for Lewis” and I nearly had a funny turn. Made me understand why I mounted Operation Bell End in Leamington Spa all those years ago. Those 8888ing bells could not compete with a Marshall 100 watt head & 4×12 slant cab…even the churchgoers, locking their Volvos & creaking on their brogues, admitted that Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” at full blast knocked the stuffing out of their discordant bells.

  13. ukebert says:

    Again, the bells at the church where I ring cannot be heard much further from the graveyard… they also ring in tune, as all modern rings do. It is as far as you can get from the pounding beat. And, it is music, although of a quite technical type, similar I suppose to serialism, except that it is diatonic.

  14. Lewis Pelham says:

    Can we please drop the subject? It makes me ill to even think of the loathsome things.

  15. ukebert says:

    No problem 🙂

  16. al says:

    What subject ? Short-term memory failure rules, OK ! (or I think it did….. 😀 )

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