I do love the sound of a bass sax…

Bert Brandsma, and his two bass saxes

And a lot of them seem to be in the USA, but not these two…  Bert Brandsma, from Holland, emailed me about something on the website, but, more interestingly, he plays bass sax exceedingly well (and a few other things, judging by the pix) in a Dutch band called “Dixieland Crackerjacks“.  Gorgeous sound, he has an unaccompanied solo on his Conn, starting slow and easy, but (unless I’m mistaken), covering the whole range from high-F to low Bb before leading into Sweet Georgia Brown on this youtube link.

Also another youtube link featuring his two bass saxes, a Conn and a Martin, with solo’s on both. I was mortified to hear that the Martin is in fact a Conn Stencil ! According to Bert, Martin didn’t make bass saxes, so it’s a Conn – and without my beloved soldered toneholes… I think I need to sit down now, my faith in Martin is shattered. Enjoy, I will, many times…….

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5 Responses to I do love the sound of a bass sax…

  1. al says:

    The more I hear, the more I just love that band. As well as Bert, there’s “Slidin’ Selena” who plays a very mean trombone and sings ( hear her properly in the second (studio) part of this double youtube link ) – and in the first part they have a very portable young lady drummer…..

    And I must comment on the very bright attire when performing live in the open at Attractiepark Slagharen !

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Gotta luv that sound. For us it’s Paul Woltz (who kinda looks like Alan) playing the bass sax honors. Check him out at Uptown Lite http://www.uptownlowdownjazz.com/ULJB.htm for some good ol’ honkin’ bass sax. :o)

  3. al says:

    Lovely – I think Paul is just a little greyer than me tho’ – I still have the odd dark hair left….. 😀

    Don’t you just love the Dixieland Crackerjacks sound system ? A bullhorn (megaphone) hanging off the trumpet player’s shoulder !

  4. ukebert says:

    If I had a computer that could handle sounds then i would listen to it 😦

  5. al says:

    And I’m putting up some gorgeous sounds on the C-Mel Players page as well ! Hope it all gets sorted soon, Owen…

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