No, not the mafia – a 14 year old boy’s bedroom…

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Yes – part of the ‘playthings’ of a bullied 14 year old boy from the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA

Makes the blood run cold !

Click here for more details and pics. What a mad, dangerous world when a fourteen year old can acquire stuff like this ! Exposives and grenades as well, surely the parents can’t claim to have not known of this steadily growing ansenal ?

As a former clay-shooter, I browsed around a few US gunshops and was gobsmacked at the murderous hardware available to literally anyone, after very minimal checks…

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3 Responses to No, not the mafia – a 14 year old boy’s bedroom…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Self defence!?
    This will soon be England. The moment that a thug caries a knife into school, then everyone has to adopt his/her loathsome standards in retaliation.
    Although not aware of it at the time, my school days were idyllic….Shades of Just William and the Wind in the Willows. At the time, this was the norm; schooldays now seem to be based around Trainspotters.
    Difficult to tell whether that kid is a victim of bullying or a potential bully (and killer) himself.
    Whereas Mr. Toad said “…I wonder if this is the sort of car that starts easily..”, the modern equivalent is “…I wonder if this gun shoots straight…”

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    As Jeremy Clarkson said “…nature has a way of redressing the balance; the problem with uncouth teenagers will be resolved by the fact that they will all kill each other…”

  3. Gandalfe says:

    My wife and I are continually flabbergasted about the parents who ‘let’ their kids get guns, whether it be the parents, a relative’s, or purchased elsewhere. Until the parents who’s weapons get ‘borrowed’ by the kid are called to task for gross negligence, I suspect this will continue to be the easiest way to get a gun.

    And don’t even get us talking about the irresponsible parents who repeated begged for and doctors who over prescribed antibiotics so that we could more quickly create the super-virus that now has the medical community freaking out!

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