The Pearl River Chinese C-Melody saxophone ?

Pearl River Chinese C-Mel ? Click for larger picture

Thanks to Tuomo Niskanen, from Finland, for bringing this C-Melody (?) to my attention. Difficult to pin it down exactly, so I’m still investigating (something to do whilst ‘licking my wounds’ over probably not getting a Bb Sop that I’d ‘won’ on ebay).

Seems to be product MK014 and I’ve even found it listed as –

MK014 C-saksofoni ( C-vireinen ) , lakattu 765.-

on a Finnish shop/dealers website

Looks like a 20’s C-Mel, but with pressed key-guards, and B/Bb on the same side. Very possible that it is a C, proportions are good, bits in the right place for a C – looks too dumpy to be a tenor.

Hmmmm. I’ve emailed the sellers for more info – click on the picture for a better view.

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7 Responses to The Pearl River Chinese C-Melody saxophone ?

  1. ukebert says:

    How intersting…

  2. al says:

    I received another email from Tuomo – very interesting indeed, I asked him if the shop I refer to above is the same one he saw the Pearl River C-Mel in ? I also mentioned it looked a little like the elusive 80’s (?) Weril C-Mel, allegedly manufactured in Brazil – one sold on ebay a while back, but I couldn’t get any info out of either the buyer or the seller.

    I’m sure Tuomo won’t mind me publishing part of his email here –

    Yes, that’s it. Went to store yesterday, and it really differs from Aquilasax photo.
    Shopkeeper told me, that he was in fair in Shanghai only recently and there were several (more than two?) manufacturers making C mels (brands even more of course).
    As you wrote, front F was missing and keywork looked quite different in lower notes, e.g. third biggest pad’s rod ( not sure of correct words here, sorry!) was firstly located differently, and secondly pad itself was not in line with the others like it looks in Aquilasax.
    And yes, your translation from finnish is excellent!(lakattu = lacquered ), C-vireinen = C tuned.
    Sound I don’t know yet, I can have it for a weekend test but that will have to wait some weeks, because I will be travelling for some time. Circus sound, told the shopkeeper, who is a clarinet/pianoman himself.

    Small is the world, isn’t it. You learn chinese sax from finnish guy and compare it to New Zealand one, and may think that it looks like something in South America…

    BR Tuomo

    As you say Owen, “How intersting…” 🙂

  3. ukebert says:

    intersting indeed.

    Keep me updated. This must be filling out the few areas of C saxes which you are hitherto unversed 🙂

  4. al says:

    Well…. I noted that (e.g. on saxontheweb), Chinese bass saxes seem to be popping up in a few places, so why should I not be surprised that C-mels are as well – albeit less ambitiously reworked than Steve’s Aquilasax, but with little ‘common-sense’ modern production changes like pressed guards etc. We keep saying about a ‘C-Mel re-discovery/resurrection’ – people are obviously listening.

    But as of yet, there is no real ‘networking’ or publicity – and, at the prices and slim profit margins, things like dealer networks don’t really make fiscal sense. Selling direct is the only way. But buying direct from China ? And you all think ebay is risky ? Bottom line tho’ is that these saxes can only sell if people know about them, and at the moment they don’t……

    I will investigate this as thoroughly as I can, with a little help from my friends…

  5. Tom Burgner says:

    I know nothing about the Pearl River sax; however, I bought an Aquila about a month ago, and it is the best sounding C Melody I have ever played.

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