Benjamin Lee – musicmakernc – an ebay seller to be wary of !

who trades as Music Maker 200 West Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 (704) 372-1880

He happily agreed to let me bid from the UK, on a Lyon & Healy Soprano Sax, which I won. Although he’d originally confirmed that I could bid from England/UK, and sent me an email saying yes – We Will ship to UK– after I’d waited ten days for shipping costs to the UK, he then changed his mind and said (quote) “we can not ship to uk thanks” (‘thanks’ is a nice touch 😦 ) Of course you can ship to the UK – just take it to the Post Office with your other Parcels, you seem to only use USPS ! They ship internationally all the time… Even from North Carolina.

And when a friend from Florida phoned musicmakernc and offered to have the sax shipped to him in the US, he had the telephone slammed down on him, and, after being told “I will not ship to England and am not interested in third parties ! “, he aptly described Mr Lee as “about as rude as a human could be…

I suspect it’ll be listed again shortly, at a higher price ! That’s probably the real reason why musicmakernc didn’t want to go through with the sale – I was his very first ebay buyer – ‘or not’, as it turns out. Benjamin Lee – musicmakernc – definitely a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records, ‘Rudest Man’ category !….

11645 Stonebriar Dr, Charlotte, NC 28277  (704) 544-1381

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18 Responses to Benjamin Lee – musicmakernc – an ebay seller to be wary of !

  1. ukebert says:

    Well, you couldn’t do any more, and it doesn’t sound like a simple misunderstanding. Neg time if I ever saw3 one.

    Ah well, at least you didn’t part with any money. Sorry to hear it though Alan.

  2. al says:

    Yes, I sent him an email saying I have no choice but to leave negative feedback, and at last he replied “just we can not send uk – you did not pay yet anyway – if I got a bad feedback. you will have a bed feedback too – I now have no option“.

    I think there is a real communication problem – so all I have said to him now (for the last time) is –

    Ben – How could I pay without knowing how much to pay ? You never gave me shipping costs. And you say you won’t ship to the UK anyway.. So it’s impossible. I have an email from you on Oct-16-07 confirming that I could bid from England – UK, and saying ” yes – We Will ship to UK

    You have an easy way for me to buy without shipping to the UK – send to my friend in Florida, the man who rang you – he will send it on to me in the UK. Last chance to do that, I am still ready to pay, just say ‘Yes’. You are losing $400 because you will have to pay ebay charges anyway..

    Bad feedback is not so much a problem for me, I have lots of good feedback, but bad feedback will look much worse for you with so little good feedback. I am also talking to ebay about this, I’m sure they will contact you.

    I can really do no more, but I suspect it’s a bit too subtle for Mr Benjamin Lee – musicmakernc – an ebay seller to avoid at all costs ! Definitely a candidate for the Guinness Book of Records, ‘Rudest Man’ category !….. And ebay is a bit toothless, because no money changed hands (thankfully…)

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    That is the problem with feed back…the seller gives it only when the buyer has given it first. Therefore, a buyer who has behaved impeccably; prompt payment, good communication etc. will only receive good feedback if he gives good initial feed back to the seller.
    The system should be arranged for the seller to give immediate good feedback if appropriate. The buyer, in turn, responds according to the behaviour of the seller.
    In this case you are justified in giving the seller negative feedback, but because he has not yet responded to your correct buying protocol, he will respond, spitefully, with negative feedback when it is neither deserved or justified.
    The system needs to be revised.
    Is the seller a New Yorker by chance? They are notorious for rude behaviour and bad manners.

  4. al says:

    Lewis, no, according to Bruce, who is the only one to have spoken to him, he sounded “Arab’ish”… But I will check on that, in case I’ve misquoted.

  5. Bill says:

    Hi, Alan, the thing to do is wait until the last possible day (90 days after sale) and sneak a negative feedback in. He will no doubt be asleep if you post in the middle of the day your time.

  6. al says:

    Bill – I already have that date in my diary ! Depends if ebay do ’90 days’ to the minute, or leave it open for 90 calender days ending in midnight (US time ?). But then again, do I want to be as petty and mean-spirited as the seller ? I suspect not…

  7. ukebert says:

    I dunno, he deserves neg, and you don’t. I would take any oppertunity of bringing justice.

  8. al says:

    ukebert – it’s all down to timing, the auction ended at 16:23 BST, so, if I go in at 16:00’ish on the 90’th day after the auction, will I get away with it with twenty minutes to spare, hardly time for him to notice it – or will the ebay software keep the item open for comment until the physical end of the ‘day’, giving him time to do the dirty deed ?

    And which ‘day’ do they use ? BST or a US timezone day ? It was hosted on the US server- my brain now hurts – I just don’t want the bugger to leave (undeserved) bad feedback in for me. Ebay is totally useless in that respect !

  9. al says:

    The deed is done, left negative feedback on day 90 – doesn’t leave me feeling any better though… 😦

    I would still have bought the soprano from him.

  10. ukebert says:

    I take it then that he did not respond?

  11. ukebert says:

    I meant to your feedback obviously, not to the sale 😉

  12. al says:

    No response as yet… I thought my feedback was fair, considering !

  13. al says:

    Well, the ’90 day’ thing didn’t work, Bill, the listing is still live ! Musicmakernc has left me totally underserved negative feedback, all I can do is respond to it on my feedback page, and also put an explanation in my ‘about me‘ page. Here endeth the scumbag saga…

  14. ukebert says:

    Ouchie Alan.

  15. al says:

    Yes, the comment about me – “hard to deal with it…difficult guy..don’t want to pay…” is about as far from the truth as it could be ! Just see the good feedback below it. I’ll refrain from using bad language…

  16. al says:

    And now the little shit is saying “YES! you won the sax , but did you pay ???” in answer to the bad feedback I left him.  Incredible !  Of course I didn’t pay, you arrogant little person – after keeping me waiting for ten days you still wouldn’t tell me how much the international shipping costs were, and then you flatly refused to ship to the UK – after previously agreeing !  He wouldn’t even ship to Bruce (in Florida), who phoned him, and would have then gladly forwarded it on to me in the UK. The only saving grace is that I didn’t part with any money.  I’d probably never have seen that, or the sax again, and that would be adding insult to injury.  Beware of this man… I strongly suspect that he realised I’d won it (at a great price) for less than he could sell it elsewhere, so he just decided I wasn’t going to have it.

  17. Steve says:

    I’ts just Ebay, get a life and dont be such a turd

  18. alan says:

    Well, seems like musicmakernc has tired of ebay (or they’ve tired of him ?) – seems that “musicmakernc (31) Not a registered user“.

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