Reviving an interest in the flute ?

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I’ve neglected the flute lately, so here are a few snippetts (mostly YouTube) to get me fired up again.

Firstly, an impromptu Dave Valentin Solo (seems to have got a bit of another video in the last 20 secs…) – behind the comedy likes a very versatile player…

Next, someone hitherto unknown to me, Lori Bell, in the Interplay Jazz Trio “Wizard of Oz” medley – amazing. Here’s another number – “His Eyes, Her Eyes” – and yet another one – Joyful !

And of course, the brilliant Hubert Laws – here he is with Chick Corea and George Benson in ‘Spain’ – and typical smooth Laws jazz-funk behind a slideshow of On The Road With Laws..

More to come….. But of course there has to be a bit of Bolling and Rampal ! And here Rampal duets (or duels ?) with Miss Piggy – in “Lo here the gentle lark

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