Thin sound ? Get a neck hat !

I received an email from Jessica Fu, introducing “StandField Musical Instruments“, from the Orient…

Interesting and novel ideas, putting a hat on the neck – “Napoleon Style” if I’m not mistaken ? Maybe we’ll see a clutch of different models, with a Stetson for the US, a Bowler Hat for the UK, and possibly a Fez for the Turkish models ?

All this innovation from a company that advertises ” Patented technology: High F# with two keys…” I think possibly there may be some confusion between the High F# and the lower Alt F# keys ?

Hmmm, maybe not, and there’s me without even one High F# key…

Confusing stuff, still waiting for someone from China to respond to me about the Pearl River C-Melody. Maybe in five years time, when all the blocks are in place, buying direct from China will be as easy as pie (and safe, without misunderstandings…), but until then it seems very much like a Lucky Dip unless there’s a Western Dealer in the loop – adding his percentage, naturally. East meets West (almost)

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5 Responses to Thin sound ? Get a neck hat !

  1. ukebert says:

    Nelson style, Alan, surely ?!

    Bizarre, truely bizarre. What affect it must have on the tone is surely negligable… and it would add an awful lot of weight on to the neck. Balance?

  2. al says:

    Not an entirely new concept. Cannonball “Big Bell Stone Series” alto saxophones feature a “Resonance Stone” on the neck, as well as “16 semi-precious stones” on the keys…

    But I’m inclined to agree with the “Bizarre” comment !

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Personally, I am delighted that research still continues. Apart from high F# & Selmer keywork, no innovations have appeared in the last one hundred years.
    Always remember that we were all happy with drum brakes….”these discs will never catch on…”

  4. ukebert says:

    Lewis, remember Benedikt Eppelsheims work, although that is really refining the bore, construction and tonehole placement. He has done some impressive stuff with register keys as well. There’s Jim Schmitt of course…

  5. al says:

    And on the subject of Jim Schmitt – if you haven’t visited his new ‘’ web address lately, then you may not have noticed new pages and layout etc.

    Think he may be at a crossroads, his comments on “How to Order a Sax” bear that out…

    Price exceeds $10,000 with shipping and a deposit is required. Optional mouthpiece designs or materials are to be negotiated. Expect a lengthy construction time between one and two years. Note that at present I am overwhelmed with requests for my products and I am reluctant to take on more work.”

    Expand, or stay intimate and exclusive ? Some good sounds of Jim playing on MySpace – although it doesn’t say which of his saxes, the ‘Bikini’ track sounds to me like between tenor and alto, so could well be the ‘C’.

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