Mike Smith, a Buescher C-Mel, and a Babbitt mouthpiece…

I did post this on saxontheweb, but the sound is so good, I’ll post it here as well…Listen to Mike Smith, playing a Buescher C-Melody Sax

Here’s a recording I received today of The very thought of you – played on a Buescher C-Mel, by Mike Smith, with a Babbitt C-Melody mouthpiece – gorgeous sound ! The sample is almost 5Mb – so you might like to do a “Save as..” because you’ll want to listen to it more than once…

As well as being a fine contemporary player with an impressive professional history, Mike Smith is also a Product Manager for Keilwerth, a Keilwerth saxophone artist, Professor of Saxophone at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University – as well as performing with his group, the Mike Smith Quintet. Hardly your average C-Mel player 🙂

Naturally he’s now on my C-Melody Players page, as is Andreas (below) – I’m trying to make it a multi-media ‘ Who’s Who’ of C-Mel players, it’s coming along well.

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4 Responses to Mike Smith, a Buescher C-Mel, and a Babbitt mouthpiece…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    The very apotheosis of smooth & mellow.
    Although it is clearly a C Melody, there are periods when I would swear that it was a tenor and, towards the end, equally convinced that we were listening to an alto…very, very nice.

  2. ukebert says:

    Very nice sound. Really shows off the instrument, nice to hear. Shame I can’t make it sound like that…

  3. al says:

    Lewis – yes, at first I thought someone was playing a joke on me, until I listened a few times. But then if you listen to Mikes sound on (e.g.) alto, totally different ! More and more, seems like all the modern pro players coax “smooth and gentle” out of C’s – even Joe Lovano, by comparison to his normal saxes.

    Owen – don’t we all wish we could play like that, but look at the man’s impressive pedigree… Mix of practise, talent, and lots of influences

  4. soybean says:

    “seems like all the modern pro players coax ‘smooth and gentle’ out of C’s”

    Could that have anything to do with the smaller bore supposedly used on C-Melody saxes?

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