Kirk Whalum & Friends – Always There

Just for old times, this clip – I used to play this sort of stuff in a couple of bands, so this brings back many memories. An old Ronnie Laws number, “Always There”, gorgeous sound here with alto, two tenors and flugel, just beautiful, gently funkin’ along, everyone having a ball….

If ever I could go back to serious playing, I couldn’t wish to be anywhere better than in a band sounding like this ! The stuff of dreams…

Click this link, for a bigger screen, or if the embedded YouTube link on the right doesn’t show. >>>

** UPDATE ** Just found the full version on YouTube, so if you liked the ‘sampler’, Click here for the FULL VERSION, including solos !

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5 Responses to Kirk Whalum & Friends – Always There

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Lovely to see/hear a band with it’s emphasis on blowy, as distinct from stringy, instruments.
    Have you watched “Later with Jools”recently? Guitars everywhere & not a sax in sight….very sad if this is a reflection of the tendencies.

  2. al says:

    Yes, I just added a link to the Full version. Doesn’t the Flugel gel with the saxes far better than a ‘brassy’ trumpet ? And, after decades of listening to guitarist Larry Carlton somewher in the mix, I finally get to see what he looks like.

    I really could get to like YouTube 😀

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    I would strongly advise you not to get hooked on YouTube…it is a drug.
    On a sad note, I typed in Illinois Jacquet & found just two videos…one where he was in his prime, roaring, wailing & honking. The second was filmed (badly) at his last ever gig… just a shadow of the man he was.

  4. Gandalfe says:

    YouTube… sucks up a lot of my listening time. It might even make me a better player sometime in the future. Naw… that’s asking too much. :o)

    Former Admin of SOTW, now Admin of the Woodwind Forum

  5. ukebert says:

    YouTube is sadly addictive, I know several people with the condition. I have managed to withold so far…

    Nice clip, I don’t often listen to that sort of thing, but I can see why one woould like it.

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