Selmer saxophone production – fascinating…

You may have seen this video before, it’s over 40Mb, but runs for twenty minutes or so.

Shows most aspects of saxophone (and mouthpiece) production, from sheet metal to the finished product. You can run it from the link below, but I suspect you’ll want to watch it a few times – so, ‘right-click’ on the link and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”, depending on which browser you’re using. Then you can watch it from your local PC without having to download it each time.

Why is it called “Selmerextrasmall.wmv” ? Just came that way… Enjoy.

UPDATE, Jan 22 – here are some more manufacturing video’s to enjoy, I’ll add more as I find them. I watch them all in Realplayerclick here to download if you need it – so I’m not sure how/if Windows Media Player will cope with the flash videos etc. Apologies for some of the included ‘waffle’ or ‘bs’ content – but there is some interesting stuff in there once you get past it ! As before, you might want to ‘right-click’ and save the file(s) locally for multiple viewing…

i) Selmer USA ii) Yamaha ii) Gloger necks

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5 Responses to Selmer saxophone production – fascinating…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    With all that hand fettling it shews that electric guitars are a rip off…just a couple of bits of stick by comparison.
    Intrigued to see that the bell is actually welded…not brazed as I always thought…very skilful with no filler rod used.
    What does Heath & Safety think of that spinning lathe I wonder, with the bell flailing around?
    Why, having seen that, does it take me so long to fit a neck cork…I am aiming at half a minute next time. Tweaking the pillars seemed a trifle cavalier.
    I played back several times the part where they were drawing the tone holes…but they were too fast.
    With regard to mouthpieces, it seems that they spend more time on the external finish than the important bit.
    Somewhere I have some pictures of R&C’s production which I will try to attach (read, “my wife will attach”) which, by comparison, make Selmer’s production methods look like rocket science. Press brakes, milling machines and pneumatic nibblers…that’s 20th century!
    Wonderful insight Alan…well done

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    Take a look at this. Medieval production at Rampone e Cazzani, and this is how (and why) they make only a handful of saxophones every month.

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Do you have any idea when that was filmed?
    It is difficult to see how they could compete with the Oriental manufacturers if Selmer is currently utilising such privative methods. This is not to say that their less than modern techniques do not produce beautiful finished items.
    It is not as if Selmer were pandering to a niche market.

  4. al says:

    Lewis – judging by the general appearance (and I think a Renault 5 that whizzed past…) it may well have been a decade or two back. I’ve just put up Selmer USA and Yamaha video links on the post – bit more current !

  5. Lewis Pelham says:

    Listen to the into of the Yamaha film. Have you ever heard such an irritating female American accent…imagine living with that!

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