Using “Google Docs” for postings or comments (test)

If you’d like a Rich Text Editor, to put a posting or a comment in the blog, maybe with different colours, other fonts, or bold, or italics – the easy way – then why not use Google Docs ? ( ) Naturally you can put in LINKS as well. How about Comic Sans MS, or Wingdings

Just use File, New and create the document as you would in a word processor. You’ll need to have “allowed Popups“, or hold down the “Shift” key, to allow the new document to come up in a new window… Then, when you’ve finished creating a masterpiece, click on the “Edit HTML” tab, copy all the text on the page with (e.g.) Edit, Select All plus Edit, Copy or Control-A plus Control-C.

After that, it’s a simple matter of going back to the blog and pasting the ‘HTML’ into the text box where you’d normally write – with Edit, Paste – or Control-V Easy Peasy ! Google Docs, the easy way ! Seems to work with most blogs, and forums that accept HTML in the postings, I’ll be checking out a few…

( Created with Google Docs, just for fun, and completely without any concept of taste or colour matching… )

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13 Responses to Using “Google Docs” for postings or comments (test)

  1. al says:

    Does it work for Comments ?    Feeling Blue ?  Course it Does !

    Images ?  Can it upload from a computer ?
    Well, it uploads from my PC , and shows the image in Google Docs, but not here, guess I need a bit of work on that !  Naturally you should be able to put in a link to a picture on the internet ? Hmm, guess not – only shows again in Google Docs !  Useful, but not for insertion into a blog   You can put in links to email – Email Me – and of course, if the file is on the internet already (e.g. in PhotoBucket) you can put a link in to a picture – like my ( age ?) Deschamps C Clarinet !.

  2. ukebert says:

    Or you could just use HTML 🙂

  3. al says:

    True ukebert, but as I get older, and certainly not necessarily wiser, I find that there are far more challenges than I have time for, and life seems to be one permanent gi-normous learning curve – so anything that will make life easier for me (and that is often a ‘contradiction in terms’ as far as computers are concerned) is very welcome…   And as I use Googlemail, the Google Docs screens are conveniently there for me !
    For example – just using HTML, it took several tries over maybe 30 minutes, with subtly different HTML syntax each time, to get the blog to recognise different colour fonts in the “Manufacturers Videos” topic, so that I could just put in a simple red UPDATE, Jan 22

  4. ukebert says:

    Yes, I can see that that would be a bother.
    Yes, I can see that that would be a bother.
    [color=00FF00]Yes, I can see that that would be a bother.[/color]
    [color=GREEN]Yes, I can see that that would be a bother.[/color]

  5. ukebert says:

    Yep, none of them worked 😦

  6. al says:

    Yes, I can see that that would be a bother.

    Owen – You use this format – with X=” and a ‘#’ in front of the hex number (‘Green’ doesn’t work…, nor do square brackets seem to 😦 )

    Xfont color=#009900Z Yes, I can see that that would be a bother. X/fontZ

    Took me a while, as the blog editor doesn’t allow colour (sorry, ‘color’) insertion, so I had to try all the permutations as well…. Best of both worlds now, as Google Docs also shows me the correct HTML code 🙂

    Are you with us so far Lewis ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Lewis Pelham says:

    Shutters came down over my eyes long ago…I was awakened by seeing my name. I do not know how to describe this; I see all the needs and advantages of such systems, I am confident that I could understand if I really wanted to….I just cannot be bothered to take any interest…just too nerdy. In the same way that I would never ride a bicycle if I had to wear one of those ludicrous banana helmets…I guess that I would have to get interested were it not for my wife, who enjoys (yawn) this sort of thing.
    Possibly a link is evident as she enjoys crosswords, whereas I see them as the greatest waste of time ever…to pit your wits against some 35 year old dork in Basingstoke who lives with his mother…dear oh dear. 🙂

  8. al says:

    Lewis – I do understand. Twenty years of my life (post music…) being a ‘techie’, where I had to find the answer, has left me well and truly “nerded” 🙂 I wish I could exorcise my interest – what’s that expression ? “You can take the man out of the tech, but you can’t take the tech out of the man”.

    I do enjoy the momentory challenge that this sort of thing brings, but not the amount of time often wasted – as I said above “I find that there are far more challenges than I have time for, and life seems to be one permanent gi-normous learning curve”.

    I think a few months of just working on instruments is called for, yet another permanent learning curve, but more fulfilling. I declare this topic closed.

    Well, unless anyone else has any comment ?

  9. ukebert says:

    Yes, well it’s been a while since I’ve done any HTML. I’ll have a programming module to do next year for sure 😦

  10. al says:

    Owen, if it’s of any use, I can really recommend a free open-source html/xhtml editor called Nvu (N-view). I’ve mislaid my (slightly iffy) ex-corporate Office 2000 CD, so I couldn’t load Outlook 2000 on this PC.

    I tried a shedload of free offerings, rather than shell out three-figures for a new Outlook, and this is the cream of the crop. Support forum, tutorials etc. Brilliant ! Does everything that Outlook ever did, and more…

  11. Gandalfe says:

    I’ve been using Microsoft Live Writer (free editor) because it just works, fonts, colors, pictures, and all. I luv having one editor for all my blogs including my mom’s, dad’s, daughter’s, sister’s, and grandson’s. They call upon me to help them all the time and all the log-on info is cached so that I don’t have to remember it… which could be a bad thing if you aren’t prone to writing them down somewhere in case your computer goes south.

  12. al says:

    Thanks Gandalfe – it talks to WordPress and I’ve just made a quick test post – uploaded and published fine. Still need something to do fancy comments tho’, that only works with the main post ? And I don’t think it’s quite heavyweight enough for my Web Page XHTML.

    Although I ‘aligned right’ the picture of Air Scout Ted in the test post, I couldn’t seem to fill in the space on the left of the pic (I could have put it in a two-column table I suppose, and put text in the left column ?) There must be a way, another learning curve beckons… (UPDATE – fixed that, anyone interested, see first comment in the test post)

    Yet another very useful free tool for the armoury 🙂 Thanks !

    Quite difficult to find somewhere that actually let me download it (as opposed to loads of blogs rabbiting on about it). Amazing what’s out there !

  13. alan says:

    Just for ‘closure’, I’m now finding it easier to use the Microsoft Live Writer, as recommended by Gandalfe. Always need to try new things, and if it feels intuitive, and the learning curve isn’t too steep for an old hacker like me – it’s used to death. Thanks !

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