Just a Test of Windows Live Writer

This is a test of Windows Live Writer, – useful for formatting blog topics and posting from the PC – as recommended by Gandalfe – well, he works for Microsoft, so he would recommend it, wouldn’t he… 🙂
Quick image test – ‘Ted’ the Air Scout

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6 Responses to Just a Test of Windows Live Writer

  1. al says:

    Had to slightly ‘hack’ the code produced by Live Writer to have the picture on the right and text on the left. Live Writer formatted the picture as a seperate paragraph, so obviously that made it difficult to have text beside it, even if aligned right. Took out the ‘p’s syntax and – bingo – text on the left.

    May just be a slight problem between WordPress and Microsoft code, WordPress has a habit of slightly ‘maniplulating’ some code – e.g. YouTube plugin stuff 😦

    BUT since then I have discovered the Text Wrapping options in Image Properties – I did say Live Writer was yet another learning curve 😦 I’m sure I’ll find other useful bits – definitely be using it to set up posts. It automatically handles uploading images whilst publishing, so messing with FTP goes out of the window as well, and I don’t have to remember where I put them on the server (or what they were called there) – yippee ! Another time saver. Live Writer could well grow on me 🙂

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Actually use the control that come up when you select the picture (you can put in from your hard drive). It does all off that without going to the HTML view. I don’t like that I have to select the margin around the picture as the default is none!

    ‘kay, what else is confusing?

  3. al says:

    It’s all ‘hunky dory’ now, useful piece of software – I just initially got confused/bemused because normally if you align a picture to the right (in HTML) you can automatically carry on adding text down the left hand side. But with Live Writer, you also have to toddle off to ‘Text Wrapping’ to select that option as well…

    But then I assume that most Live Writer users neither understand, nor care about, HTML ? Reasonable assumption. Now it’s a pity it only posts blog subjects/topics, but not comments !

  4. Gandalfe says:

    Interesting idea. Wonder if it can be used that way and we just haven’t done it yet. ;o)

  5. al says:

    Gandalfe – no, seems not for comments – I tried the obvious and posted using an existing topic title, and it overwrote the main post.

    Great tool tho’ – used it on my last three topics/posts. Not quite as flexible as ‘by hand’ – but about four times as fast, and well integrated with WordPress, even down to ‘web preview’ – that’s neat. I can always do little tweaky bits by hand, later. No big deal.

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ – much appreciated.

  6. al says:

    (on the subject of Comments…) Of course, it’s easy to format a comment in Live Writer, the ‘View’ the ‘HTML Code’ – just Copy the block of code and Paste it into the comments window for the topic you’re commenting on… Easy Peasy.

    Or – if there are images that need uploading as well – publish as (e.g.) “temporary post”, then (again) paste the block of code to the comments window for the topic you’re commenting on, deleting anything that’s left of the temporary post afterwards. I really do like the ease with which images can be embedded within text, left/right/centre – and then the whole thing uploaded with one click. Always the option for a little ‘hand-tweaking’ after, in situ, but painless and fast !

    AND – I find it useful to have one or two new topics/post ‘brewing’ offline, so I can finish at leisure, and just post to the blog when finished. Also experimenting with a very preliminaryMKII Blog’ on Spaces, and checking out the integrated ‘LiveMail/Hotmail’ as an alternative to Googlemail.

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