Dr. Jazz – the ageless man !

Will the real Dr. Jazz please stand up !

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From YouTube, the timeless Dr. Jazz Presents Crapsody in Blue video, originally filmed in wind-up Super-8, and glorious monophonic sound, otherwise known as “Man with Albert system clarinet butchers George Gershwin.”

Also presenting ( is there no end to this man’s accomplishments ? ) a slap-tongued version of Saxophun on the Alto Saxophone – and finally a quick blast of Popeye on the travelling urinal. Ooops ! Of course I meant on the Bass Saxophone…. (silly me)

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But wait – isn’t this the same man many decades later, centre of picture, still with the old faithful travelling urinal ? Notice the “WJAZ” call sign on the microphone in both pictures…

Is this a case of time travel, or has the mystery musician managed to halt the ageing process ? Answers please, on a C-Soprano saxophone, sent to the address below !

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One Response to Dr. Jazz – the ageless man !

  1. Dr. Jazz says:

    Hello, Alan. I have lived a long time by drinking from the spitvalve of virgin bass saxophonists. I have discovered more of these ancient Vitaphone films/sound discs. I will put these on Youtube. They are less comic and more serious, as this was from my “Blue Period”, just after the October, 1929 stock market crash. Thanks for your mention on the website. You look like Father Christmas.. I want a vintage Sopranino saxophone next December.

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