Thanks Dave !

Always a pleasure to get emails expressing appreciation (or otherwise) of the work that’s gone into the website. Of course, It’s partly to sell, or in some cases literally give away, the odd saxophone – but it’s mostly for love of all things C. Below is an extract from an email recently received from Dave Pietro – also with details of his new CD.

Listen to Dave playing Choro Bandido - from the 'Embrace' CD Hi Alan, Nice site. It’s great to see that other people are as into the C-Melody as I am! I wanted to give you some more information on my set up. The saxophone in the CD picture (Standard Wonder) that you have posted is the same one that I use on the “Embrace” clips.

It’s a 1924 silver plated Selmer Model 22 serial #6666. I found it at Rod Baltimore’s in New York City thanks to my good friend and fellow C enthusiast Scott Robinson. I have two others; a 1924 Selmer Model 22 serial # 6670 and a straight necked Conn. Keep up the great work with the site!


P.S. I just recorded my latest CD on which I play C-Melody on one track and my 1928 Conn F-Mezzo Soprano on two others. It should be released in August.

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One Response to Thanks Dave !

  1. ukebert says:

    What a nice sounding chap. The more pros that we can entice over the better!

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