The ultimate in C Clarinet’s ?


By Stephen Fox – now living in Canada, but a British ex-pat.  What more can I say, but just look at the picture.  Not only an instrument maker, but a fine musician as well.  Note anything special ?  The clarinet is available either down to the normal low E – but as an option this one goes down to D, so it’s a C-Clari but can go that extra tone to give it the full range of a Bb clari… 

Well, that’s how I see it – open to discussion tho’ !  Like a C-Sax, but having with two extra notes on the end to give it a normal Bb tenor range at the bottom end.

Click on the picture for a better view, or  visit the website  for a much better view and more info – unfortunately including the price.  But then, what’s money ?

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3 Responses to The ultimate in C Clarinet’s ?

  1. ukebert says:

    Saw, longed for, reluctantly discarded over a yeaer ago 🙂

    what isterests me is that he can do a replacement lower joint and bell for your own C Clarinet or Bb to give it the extra notes of a basset, down to low C…

    THAT would indeed be the ultimate C Clarinet.

  2. alan says:

    Hmmmm, and for only around $2000 for the mods – plus tax etc. Just when you’re convinced about going down to low C, he talks on the website about “the desirability of having bottom B natural available…”

    Rats !

  3. ukebert says:

    You’d have to have quite an agile thumb…

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