The Quartertone Clarinet – by Schuler

Musikinstrumente Originally noticed as a topic in Gandalfe’s Blog . Also popped up in a topic on the new Woodwind Forum  where Terry Stibal goes into a deep and meaningful thesis on Simple, Muller, Albert, Oehler and Boehm system intricacies.

This beastie also has a write-up (of sorts) in Wikiepedia.  Personally, I think a German clarinettist was looking at the girth of a bassoon body one day, and thought "Oooh – if I had a clarinet that wide, think what I could pack into it..."

Not much more to say really, the pictures tell it all, the different length barrels vary the pitch from right to left, seems to have some kind of a pickup under the ligature, I suspect it’s an absolute bloody nightmare to play – but what a design ! If you look closely, even with different length barrels, the positioning of the toneholes vary slightly for either side – could have done with two bells tho’.  I almost expect the rotary ‘thingy’ under the mouthpiece to be motorised, so that the sound can pulse between the two sides – a sort of variable bi-tonal doppler effect – the mind boggles.

Now that it’s in the public eye again, I almost expect Eppelsheim to announce that he’s going to start making a bass version very shortly 🙂

Click on the picture, or any of the links, for a better view.

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4 Responses to The Quartertone Clarinet – by Schuler

  1. ukebert says:

    Is it bad that I want one? 😉

    Reminds me a little of an oktavin in looks, but dear me. Must me an interesting sound.

  2. alan says:

    What would you do with it 😦 – except confuse people ?

  3. ukebert says:

    I have no idea whatsoever 🙂 Still doesn’t alter the fact that I desire one…

  4. Gandalfe says:

    I find it to be a sexy instrument. ;o)

    I know… sick.

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