Taj Mahal’s Tuba Band

Taj Mahal’s Tuba Band Now I do have a liking for the sound of a bass saxophone, but the mind boggles at the thought of a band with four tuba’s.  I’ll refrain from jokes like “getting down”, and just say that there is room in music for all tastes…

‘Click on the pic’ for a better view.

Thanks to http://www.wirz.de/music/tubafrm.htm

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5 Responses to Taj Mahal’s Tuba Band

  1. Gandalfe says:

    I’m thinking how much I probably appreciate you not making the music from this group your blog theme song. :o)

  2. alan says:

    I have been looking for a sound sample, on the internet… 🙂

    Found some amazing tuba ensembles on YouTube ! Like a brass band LP played at quarter speed…

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    I have a CD of Taj Mahal with just a tenor player…bet it sounds better than that lot.
    You say there is room in music for all tastes (I did not realise that music was a quantitative item), this may, or may not be true, but I would add the codicil “provided that I am not forced to listen to some of the stuff that passes as music…Rap, Folk, & C&W spring to mind”.
    By the way, R&B used to be Rhythm and Blues…Johnny B Goode, Route 66 etc. R&B now seems to be the domain of black chaps with baseball caps, clicking their fingers in an odd way while chanting a version of English that I do not understand….any idea why?

  4. alan says:

    Maybe R&B now stands for “Rubbish and Bastardisation”..? Ooops, that was probably a tad non-PC 🙂

  5. Lewis Pelham says:

    Fine by me Alan…Politically Self Opinionated should be the title.

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