And it’s not even his Buescher C-Melody

Came across this on YouTube, looked at first like a couple of geezers having a laugh, but as soon as the playing started – I was hooked… The sax player is Dan Higgins – relatively unknown to the wide world, but if you start ‘Googling’ him – he’s everywhere ! Even seems to have been the man who inspired Lisa Simpson – the real Bleedin’ Gums Murphy…

And it’s a borrowed C-Mel, as well ! Thanks Dan, such a relaxed sound, gorgeous, and totally in context for the instrument’s origins.

Click on the YouTube link, if the image doesn’t play, and/or to listen to more great sounds on a bigger screen, from Dan on a variety of woodwinds.

( I’ve also published this on SaxOnTheWeb )

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5 Responses to And it’s not even his Buescher C-Melody

  1. alan says:

    He is an interesting man, check out the two very hybrid instruments

  2. ukebert says:

    He is a fantastic player. Brilliant even.

  3. alan says:

    Seems Dan’s using a tenor Link – I’ve had an email from Denmark referring to correspondance with Dan.

  4. al says:

    If you just want to listen to it as excellentbackground music, I’ve added the soundtrack to the files in the mp3 player – top right corner.

    Anyone wants the mp3 for their ipod or whatever, just right click here, and ‘save target as’ (or whatever your browser says). I don’t think Dan will object, altho’ I’ll email him to say ‘thanks !’ and mention it.

  5. Lewis Pelham says:

    I have an old tutorial blues CD that I bought aeons ago.
    One track that I have always admired, features a tenor sax…it is absolutely fantastic; the player does pretty well everything that it possible on a sax.
    Today I looked up the player…Yes, you’ve guessed…it’s Dan Higgins.
    What a star!

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