Jazz in the Feminine Genre

candy-dulfer-wikipedia This subject came up on Wade’s forum, and I have no hesitation in starting a post to try and find more than the mere handful mentioned in  Jazz in the Feminine Genre – click here

Touch of sadness as I started looking. Barbara Thompson (heard playing the flute in the South bank Show, and sax in A Touch Of Frost themes) ceased playing (although not composing/arranging)  some years ago thro’ that great leveller, Parkinsons Disease.  And the other stalwart of British Jazz, Kathy Stobart – 78 in 2006 – is hopefully still going strong.  Replaced by Karen Sharp in the Humprey Lyttleton band in the mid 90’s.

And of course, Candy Dulfer …   (pictured, right)  Much more to come, hopefully.

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6 Responses to Jazz in the Feminine Genre

  1. Gandalfe says:

    Alan, if you are on MySpace (it’s all about the music there for me) check out my profile at Gandalfe. There are so many talented and beautiful women playing sax and clarinet out there that you could listen to great music, new and old numbers, for the rest of your life. Some of my favs are on my Top Friends list. Enjoy.

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Oh, and I’ve taken to starting the Dan Higgins vid below so that I can listen to that while I read your blog. It’s a very enjoyable effect. :o)

  3. al says:

    Great idea, I’ve added a media player option to the sidebar, with an mp3 soundfile of that clip. Some compatability issues, but I’d rather have music ‘optional’ than just kicking in… Great online format converter (I used it to get the mp3 file) at http://media-convert.com/convert/

    (update) All sorted – now have an inline flash player…. Looking at a multi-track version, like a CD player – easier than changing the sounds by altering the code ! (update 2) All done, easy peasy (well, sort of…) ! Suggestions welcome.

  4. alan says:

    OK – back to “Jazz in the Feminine Genre”Saori Yano – from Japan, interesting player, and strong sound.

    Her web page shows her using an older underslung/microtuner Conn, but on the YouTube clip it’s a different sax (Mk VI ?).  Interesting mouthpiece/lig combination on the video !  Seems to often be a different set of sounds/video each website visit, well worth going back. Peter King never looked this good…

    For more info, try the Saori Yano – English page on the website.

  5. charly says:

    La del video no es Saori!!, me parece que le pifiaron feo…

  6. alan says:

    ¿Quién cree usted que es

    Ah – I see, that last video is of another Japanese lady alto player – Kaori Kobayashi – picture below – apologies to Saori, Kaori and charly for the mix up !

    Check out http://bassic-sax.ca/blog/?p=1241 and http://www.kaorikobayashi.com/

    If you do a search for Kaori Kobayashi on YouTube there are more clips.

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