Something to listen to…

mp3-player Gandalfe started me off, when he said that he played the Dan Higgins track anytime he visits the blog.  So I started thinking about background music – but it can be intrusive (not yours, Jim !) – instead I’ve settled for a selection of sounds available on an mp3 player up in the top right corner – here’s a picture, in case you hadn’t noticed it…

Switch tracks with the left/right arrows, there is a volume slider, and you can pause/stop when listening to other sounds.  It does ‘reset’ when moving between posts, so the sound will cut off when you move around.  Thought that was the best option, easily re-startable , maybe try another track ?  Suggestions (content etc.) welcome.   I’m amazed at how well Greg’s ‘Masquerade’ sounds in between the masters !  Lovely player.

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6 Responses to Something to listen to…

  1. Ross Challender says:

    Alan, congratulations on the new sound and look.
    I am enjoying the diversity of the sound clips.
    Eighty years of c melody – with a silent sixty-odd
    in the middle! And precious little out there
    to fill the gap!

    Thanks for having the time to create and develop
    your site.

  2. al says:

    Thanks Ross – this most be you (see right), or at least where your internet access is… I’ve tried to make the blog a nice place for me to be, so hopefully my few faithful viewers will feel the same. More sounds will be added a.s.a.p. – but you’re right, there’s very little recorded C-Mel music in-between the 20’s and the 90’s !

    I’ve also re-vamped the website front page – I did love the ‘Martin Saxophones’ backdrop, but it didn’t half make my poor old eyes squirm… Could any of you please let me know about any broken links (as a result of the changes) – hopefully I’ve covered most things.

  3. Gandalfe says:

    I luv the new Front Page; clean and elegant it is if’n you ask me. And the player at the blog site is sweet. But don’t be such a tease, give us a bit more of each song. I understand excerpting to skirt copyright laws. But some of the sound bites are tantalizingly small.

    I’ve taken a page from you book and placed a player for one song on my site as my posts tend to be a bit shorter than yours. :o)

    I hate coming to a blog that has music blasting so loud that it wake the little kitties on a slow Saturday morning. If it’s too obnoxious I just remove the site from my RSS.

  4. al says:

    Thanks – point taken about the ‘excerps’, I’ll certainly put up full-length versions of the ones I have. Dave Pietro was kind enough to email me about the site, so I’ll ask him if I can feature a couple ‘full length’, and maybe put in a good word with Scott for me… That only leaves Joe Lovano to convince, and he looks like a friendly bloke !

    It will save me a lot of work, as I have to manually trim the tracks, and it’s a pain working out which bit is best, when it all is ! Plus I could put scrolling details of each CD on the ‘text’ part of the player, urging you guys to buy it. I’m sure they wouldn’t object to free advertising 😉

    Take a few days, check back soon, CD info done already… (slightly quirky – the player seems to pick up the new info – or new tracks – only after the browser has been closed and re-opened, I’ll have to look into that… Without being too ‘nerdy’, it may be a memory ‘cache’ thing.)

  5. alan says:

    Well – had a nice reply from Dave Pietro, to quote “Unfortunately that CD is under license to my record company until 2011 so I don’t think it’s possible…” That makes sense, and I suspect it will be the same position for Scott Robinson and Joe Lovano etc. I’ll check out the originals and see if I can squeeze a little more, but I’d feel relatively safe staying under 50% of the original length… 😦

  6. ukebert says:

    Have got round to listening too this stuff Alan, there’s some good stuff there 🙂

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