Alto, C-Melody and Tenor sizes…

A very graphic comparison of the relative proportions of Alto, C-Melody, and Tenor saxophones… Apart from the curved tenor neck, the C-Mel in the picture has very obvious ‘stretched alto’ tendencies – as we all know.

I don’t remember where I ‘acquired’ the picture of this 20’s (?) quartet – if anyone recognises it, please let me know and I’ll give due credit.

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4 Responses to Alto, C-Melody and Tenor sizes…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    All gorgeous in their own way, with their own voice. Lovely period photograph too.
    For me, the ideal would have been the C Mel as a small tenor rather than the large alto that evolved….come on someone; there is a need. 🙂

  2. ukebert says:

    it is indeed a need, but R&D costs are too high it seems.

  3. al says:

    Yes, as much as I admire Steve’s Aquilasax project, there has to be something in-between that and Jim Schmidts new design. A properly dimensionally scaled-down Tenor sax in C. Probably pipe-dream time 😦

    By the way – the Nathan Haines sound sample on the new Aquilasax C-Tenor is also up on the mp3 player.

  4. Ross Challender says:

    I recall at some stage seeing this photo (or similar) in the Saxophone Journal.
    The gentlemen, in that photo, were the Saxophone Quartet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
    This may jog some memories and have some readers rifling through old copies.
    Check out the vintage saxes pages first!

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