Colletto Mouthpiece

I bought an old (1910 ish) R&C tenor a couple of years ago that had not been played since the mid 70s.
In the case were several old tenor mouthpieces, a Lewin with side rail lig, the inevitable short shank C* Selmer and a Colletto.
The Colletto was a revelation. Small, about the size of an Otto Link, it is hard rubber with a bronze shank. The chamber is quite small with a slight roll over baffle at the tip leading to a drop off rather like a No. 2 Berg.
The performance is quite astounding. Once familiarised to the small tip it does pretty well everything. The altissimo, down to low Bb are ridiculously easy; also it can generate a dirty/gritty/ buzzy sound better (worse! 🙂 ) than any piece that I have ever tried.
Any failing is that the bottom end is not as “phat” as my RPC and sub toning is not easy, possibly due to the smallish chamber.
It seems that this piece was made in Italy (forni) by one Professor Colletto, probably in the 1960s or 70s but I have been able to find nothing about this manufacturer…no-one on SOTW knows anything of the Colletto mouthpiece; perhaps the discerning & knowledgeable contributors to this site know something.
I have bought another Colletto from eBay Italia; a sleek metal No 8* with side rail lig, but it does not compare with my ugly little HR/bronze job. How I wish I could find the same with a larger tip opening…perhaps however, it would not be so expressive.

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5 Responses to Colletto Mouthpiece

  1. alan says:

    Hmmm… ” the discerning & knowledgeable contributors to this site ” I like that ! 🙂 Come on then guys, don’t let Lewis down. But I know the feeling, Lewis – I have an alto Berg’ish metal mouthpiece made by OLAF JORGSEN, with it’s own serial number and marked ‘2mm’ (so has to be European…). It might as well have been made on Mars, for all I can find out about it 😦

    Is it maybe worth getting the Colletto slightly ‘opened up’ ?

  2. alan says:

    Lewis, with a daughter called Carla, I couldn’t resist trying to confuse Google with my pigeon-Italian – doing a search on “bocchino colletto” – a few results – but as an aside, you may like to consider re-selling your metal Colletto. The one in the picture is up for sale at 295 Euro’s

    You’re going to have to learn Italian. 🙂 By the way, if you use the Google Translator, Colletto translates to ” Collar ” – takes away some of the mystique… Professor Collar ? Hmmmm…

  3. Lewis Pelham says:

    Even without Italian, I keep looking on eBay Italia & see that the metal Collettos fetch high prices; so someone out there must be aware of their virtues.
    I have considered having it opened but there is so little “meat” around the tip that I fear it impracticable…it is about 085″ & another 0.015 would break through into fresh air. Also, there must be such a delicate & precise interaction between the minimal roll over and the drop off baffle that I fear that some of it’s qualities will be lost.

  4. memet says:

    do you sell any coletto mouthpiece 5 or 6 star

  5. nick plevnarovski says:

    hi just wondering if it is still for sale? thanks

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