We’ve all felt like this…

Searching the internet for Colletto mouthpiece info, I came across this book.

For using the picture, I’d probably better give it a plug – it’s

Woodwind Mouthpiece Selection ~ Robert Scarff
Date: 26 May, 2002
Price: $22.95

Spiral-bound: 95 pages
Publisher: Robert Scarff Publishing (May 26, 2002)
ISBN-10: 0971586101
ISBN-13: 978-0971586109

Funny though, put the mouthpiece back into the case, and the next time you play it, it’ll probably be "the best thing since sliced bread" – to use an old saying.  Personally, I hate sliced bread…

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2 Responses to We’ve all felt like this…

  1. JonF says:

    I’ve got this book. Reasonably interesting, amusing in parts and annoying on others. Price on the back is $9:95. I got my copy from sax.co.uk for a tenner, delivered, I think.

  2. Lewis Pelham says:

    I think that we have all experienced the “duff” mouthpiece which, when revisited, reveals hidden depths. Probably a reed/embouchure/mood combination.
    The moral must be to play it for a few days instead of a few bars before making up your mind.
    Look at SOTW to see the vast variation in peoples’ perfect mouthpiece…all depends upon the sound you want and what works for you.
    Easy to play, consistency throughout the range, power, full bottom end, easy altissimo, tonal colour and sub toning must be the prime considerations. How many of us have been seduced by a shiny streamlined Carlos Fandango offering? I know that I have.
    Read the blurb from the manufacturers and they all offer the Holy Grail….as Dire Straights sang “two men think they are Jesus; one of them must be wrong.”

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