Changes / Updates to the Website

I’ve started adding new pages etc., so (imho) the easiest way to let everyone know, and keep a log, is to have a blog post. Every update / addition will be a new comment – so it’ll float to the top where you can see it…

That’s all…. ( except, obviously, as always – " Comments Positively Welcomed " )

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18 Responses to Changes / Updates to the Website

  1. alan says:

    Moved the ‘bare-bones’ of the index page to the top of the blog, with redirection, everything now accessible from one page… Plus reviewing the C-Mel mp3 player, Greg’s contributions are now full-length, and I’ll shortly extend the commercial mp3’s to just under 50% – in the hope that I don’t get sued…

    Added Couesnon, Hawkes, Selmer-Paris Modele 22 and Thibouville-Lamy pages (obviously with all the pictures I could find) to the Model info page. No idea where most of the pics come from, except ebay, so lets hope no copyright issues.

  2. carla says:

    Niiiice webpage. Much easier to find my way around. A pleasure.

  3. alan says:

    Thanks Carla – I’ll pay for the next curry ! I should mention that you suggest most of the changes, a great little (unpaid) graphic designer you are…

  4. alan says:

    Comments – I've added a 'tweak' so that you can use bold, italics, underline etc, and even add a link from the comments box.   Run the mouse along the symbols above the 'new' comment box, and it'll show the functions, if they aren’t already obvious. Have fun !

  5. alan says:

    Added  subscript  and  superscript  to the comments editor…

  6. alan says:

    Trying to add a facebook link… (Where I now have a C Saxophones group)

    Possibly too much technology ? No, seems to work, there’s now a link under the main body of the post… Yippeee !

    P.S – that’s what the little icon is for…

  7. alan says:

    IMPORTANT – Whilst everyone else has been out enjoying themselves 🙂 I’ve upgraded the blog software. The old blog is still safe and sound, just in case we have to retreat – but you’ll (hopefully) now be looking at a new blog, which just looks like the old one (only the underlying software has changed) with one subtle difference (see below). But the new version will allow for future development, and will keep those darn spammers at bay….

    The title at the top should now read – cmelodysax-uk – the lighter side of life…(2) – with the emphasis on the (2) – MkII. If you see a (2) – you’re there !

    This may now require (again) that your first post is moderated, and if any of you had passworded accounts, you may find the password is now "changeme" – very apt… Hope it all works, I’m sure you’ll let me know if it doesn’t.

    The new url is – but hopefully the redirections are sorted out so you won’t notice.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Kind Regards, Alan.

  8. alan says:

    Added a small flash ‘streaming’ mp3 player – which automatically pops up at the end of a link to an mp3 file, looking like a small speaker or an arrow – click on it (click to start – click to stop…) But it’s neat ! No more waiting for downloads or a big media player to load !

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    Without doubt, all that is super for someone with knowledge of computers. For me it simply means that I can no longer post a new topic…how I hate interference with sites that even I could previously manage.

  10. Lewis Pelham says:

    It tells me that I have forgotten my name….amazing how I have managed to remember it all these years.
    Probably I have the wrong url, or an invalid XHTML (Grrrr)….perhaps even the wrong aftershave.
     Front wheel drive diseasal cars were my bete noire….rapidly being overtaken by computers. Grrr (again)

  11. alan says:

    Lewis – I had no option but to upgrade the core software, I was on a very old version, and there was a big black hole that the spammers had found, it was pouring in….

    I’ve reset your password, it had been automatically reset to the default one mentioned in the email – but now it’s a more Personal one, check your email.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  You can change it once you’ve logged in, if you wish, by clicking on the link –
    Update your profile or change your password

  12. alan says:

    Added wp-grins (those little guys underneath the form)  – also called ’emoticons’, ’emotions’ or ‘smilies’. Now supported by this version of the software, as are the other features on the top bar of the comments form – hover over each one to see what they do, although it’s pretty obvious if you know about wysiwyg editors.

    (Anyway) Just left-click on the ‘grin’ you want, and hold the button down as you drag it into place. 

    ‘Drop it’ where you want it to be – then move the mouse away, and left-click somewhere else on the form to make it permanent…. You can reposition it later, with the same technique.

    Just like that !   OK – it’s silly, but…..

  13. alan says:

    Comment Preview facility – Added a ‘Preview’ button – at the bottom, next to the ‘Post’ button. If you like the look of the ‘Preview’ in the yellow box, just press ‘Post’ …

    You can interactively adjust the Comment, in the Comment box – and then re-press ‘Preview’, and the Preview will be updated before your very eyes. Press ‘Post’ when happy

  14. ukebert says:

    It’s turning into a proper forum now

  15. alan says:

    Ah – but (lovely as it is, that you say that, thanks !) – this is really only a Blog, with blog features – I had a forum, and no-one really came.. – except us ‘ fabulous  three ‘ .    I’m trying my hardest to make this a friendly place, for me and everyone else – as it’s turning into a forum/blog, maybe we should call it the FOG ?

    Chatting to Carla, she mentioned that if it was the other way ’round (blog/forum), it would have to be the BUM

    Anyroadup‘ (to indulge in a touch of Black Country), I’m enjoying it, and hope that the rest of you will, just as much.  And, as all this automatically gets to facebook, the profile should rise, at least amongst the search engines

    P.S. – just discoved a small problem with preview (un bijou bugette…) in that it can mess with the ‘paragraphing’ when I finally post – it’s such a good add-on that I’ll chat to the developer and see if he has a fix. Developers like to know these things…

  16. alan says:

    Just a test of inline photo albums –

    [album: ]

    Update 1 Doesn’t work as a comment, so trying it on the blog page – but as the post is a ‘private’ one, only I will be able to see it… I’ll go public as soon as I find a good inline photo album !

    Update 2 Now works fine, available to all, just the slideshow might possibly need more server memory than my ISP allocates, per user, if the image files are lots and all high resoplution… I’ve tried it on a couple of ‘model info’ web pages as well – works grrreat !

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