Spam, Spam, and more Spam…

A pig made out of Spam - courtesy of the BBC... When I set up this blog, it must have been with some forethought that I chose the option to "Moderate the first comment", with an eye to hindering any unsolicited spam.  Like Wade’s forum, this blog is under constant attack – I have about 20 ‘Spam comments’  just from the last two days, sitting impatiently in the moderation queue – they will, naturally, be sent right back into cyberspace, with their tails between their legs….

So, unless any of you become active ‘spammers’ – we are safe…  (for the moment)

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12 Responses to Spam, Spam, and more Spam…

  1. alan says:

    Just deleted about ten spam postings (viagra, naturally…) and three complete spam threads JUST from the Good Natured Banter area on Wade’s site. And NINE other message areas are date-stamped 9:48/9:49 today, so they’ll almost certainly be similary spammed. There just isn’t the time, not to mention the tedium. to delete them all. ‘Cos tomorrow the same spammers will just pile in on top of what’s left from today, etc. etc…
    Bloody shame !!

  2. lewis says:

    There are always those who spoil things for the majority.

  3. alan says:

    Well, the worst of it is, the spammers often have links which don’t work – because they (by the nature of their operation) permanently move on – or are just garbage. So it spoils things for others, often without any gain for even the spammer… Pretty pointless exercise.

  4. ukebert says:

    And I’ve just deleted a load from Wade’s forum as well 😦

  5. alan says:

    Yes, I’m sure we all delete some, those that can, most times we go on – obviously except when in a rush. There may come a day when that forum really does have to move to a provider with some anti-spam options…. I just looked back in at ‘Wades’ – and guess what – someone has ALREADY SPAMMED (again) exactly where I deleted a bunch earlier today – the Good Natured Banter section WAS clear for just a few hours….

  6. ukebert says:

    And again 😦

  7. Gandalfe says:

    Some spammers are attacking my two work blogs at Microsoft. I got 95 comments on one blog that were spam in less than five minutes. Pretty easy to take care of but geesh, get a life really. Fortunately, no one sees them but me the admin.

    Then there’s those repurposers who scrape your URL and post into their post as a ‘resource’ for others. Some of them have AdSense running and that then generates money for the spammer. But not enough to be significant unless you develop a following. Alan, the Woodwind Forum uses AdSense too. You might want to check it out.

  8. lewis says:

    “Scrape your URL” sounds neither pleasant or hygienic 🙂
    I know nothing about computers, but have noticed that some sites, SOTW for instance, never seem to suffer from spam.
    Super de-luxe, spam free sites Vs. low end cheapos perhaps, or a matter of super vigilant moderators with trembling finger permanently poised above the delete button?

  9. alan says:

    Lewis – Wade’s forum was fine a decade ago, when Spam was really just a combination of ‘Pork indescribables’… Any forum now with unhindered access, and instant posting, is such an easy target for spammers – a gift. So that ‘age’ of forum is being slowly strangled.

    SOTW requires registration and login, that is a problem for spammers – who just prefer to ‘hit-and-run’ without any comlications. This Blog traps spammers by requiring that I moderate someones first comment – after which they can post instantly with the same name/email – again it’s a useful spam catcher.

    The site that Wade uses has no such provision (afaik) – his (short-lived) new forum did ( yes, it’s still there… ) – but it was rejected by a majority, some because it had a degree of ‘regulation’, just a password ! That would have hindered spammers. You have to trade off the comfort of an old-style forum where anyone can post – unrestricted, a spammers paradise – against more restrictive forums where a little inconvenience for us means (on the whole) ‘spam free’ existence. Of course there are almost always ‘back doors’ for really expert spammers, even on the best sites – but the average spammers is basically lazy, and goes for ‘quantity’ – so will keep hitting easy sites like Wade’s with their automated spamming, day after day after day… Blighters !

  10. ukebert says:

    I hated the new style forum. Not easy to get around.

    I say that a couple of us stump up a few quid for vbbulitin.

  11. lewis says:

    "vbbulitin"….is that a Viagra variant?

  12. alan says:

    No, I think it's a form of artificial insemination for cows…  🙂

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