Saxophone basics, and much more.

Scanning through some old Rico info looking for clues as to the earliest Plasticover reed, I came across these video sessions, made by Jerry Bergonzi and Mel Martin – for Rico.  Basic stuff, but I’ve learnt a thing or three – fills in the ‘knowledge gaps’ very nicely.  Click on any of the following links – I’ll add more as I find them.

Jerry Bergonzi  – nine videos – see ‘Related media’ panel

Mel Martin        – four videos – see ‘Related media’ panel

( hint : scroll down the pages to see a list of  all the videos  – and more – for all instruments…)

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10 Responses to Saxophone basics, and much more.

  1. alan says:

    Well, I thought there was some good stuff in there…

  2. lewis says:

    It is noticeable that both Jerry  Bergonzi and Mel Martin puff out their cheeks when blowing…as did Stan Getz.
    I was taught to avoid this…perhaps this teaching was incorrect. After all, it seemed not to affect the career of Dizzy Gillespie.

  3. alan says:

    The puffing out of the cheeks (or in some case this extends right down the neck) is a vital part of circular breathing, an extra reservoir of air – so once you've 'been there – done that' then the cheeks will puff….

  4. lewis says:

    Just listen to that lovely "thumpy" bottom end that Mel Martin achieves when talking about articulation…that is what I am currently aiming at.
      Any idea which sax he is playing? Under slung octave rocker….TH&C Bueuscher?

  5. alan says:

    Lewis – might be a King Super 20 ? Or even something quite modern (see below) – on the YouTube clip the sax has a long slanted front-F ??? I'm a bit lost on modern saxes…

    Look and listen to this YouTube clip with Benny Carter – better view of the sax as well…

  6. lewis says:

    You are right Alan; it is modern. Stumbling around on the interweb I find that it is a Yanagisawa. Gorgeous bottom end…but he could, in all probability, achieve that on a student Vito.

  7. lewis says:

    There is some really good stuff in those videos….thanks Alan.
     My bottom end is improving (if you will pardon the expression) as a result.

  8. alan says:

    Lewis – information overload… But, yes, as I said originally, filled in quite a few gaps for me – I now realise that I've stumbled on a few of those things myself – more by trial-and-error than design.

    Quiet here, isn't it ? Guess most folk are going away at Easter, good luck to them.

  9. lewis says:

    Ironic, is it not, that the only reason why you and I would be forced to go away for Easter would be to escape the Holidaymakers.
     Weather typically cold with rain in the air…why do they do it?

  10. alan says:

    Ah – I think I answered this direct to you by email, must be getting doddery…  Why do they do it ?  Because they rose to the challenge !  It's the old "You're on holiday, we've paid for it – and you will enjoy yourself..." thing.

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