More Paua to my old battle axe.

Click here for a full-screen image Click here for a full-screen imageA friend, visiting New Zealand, having seen the Paua touches on my sop, brought back for me a packet of Paua scraps and off cuts.

One day, and sore fingers later, I fettled these to fit my old un-lacquered Grassi tenor.

I think it looks cool…your impressions may differ.  Click on either of the pictures for a full-sized image !

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10 Responses to More Paua to my old battle axe.

  1. alan says:

    Talk about ‘Pearly King"… I guess you’re now the "Paua King…?"  Well done, sore fingers indeed !

  2. Carla says:

    Wow, beautiful! And thats all there is to say…

  3. lewis says:

    Hello Carla…Lovely to "meet" you at last…heard a lot about you.
     The old Grassi is hardly beautiful, but clearly you share my view that being a bit battered can have a beauty & presence of it’s own: like Alan’s King, it has seen life.

  4. carla says:

    hi Lewis, heard nothing about you hehehe.  Some of Als saxes look like like they’ve been buried in a swamp and dredged out 10 years later, but they have that "certain something" about them. He showed me a new shiny one once, and well, yeah it looked nice, but…………..

  5. Gandalfe says:

    Hmm… nice. But tell us more about the gob of silver on the bell. Custom or Standard? Do you have a better shot of it?

    Does it affect the sound? (Evil laugh)

  6. lewis says:

    "Gob of silver"…do you mean the hand crafted sheet of silver plate spelling out Grassi in graffiti style? 🙂   "Custom Street" as the semi literate hooded yoofs might say.
      Guided by your evil laugh, you know the answer to that….All the sound goes down the inside!
     I shall take a full frontal shot in the morning & ask Alan to post it.

  7. alan says:

    Lewis, as long as it’s just a full frontal shot of the saxophone – I’ll be glad to post it .  You had me worried there, for a moment…

  8. alan says:

    Et Voilà! Click on the picture for a bigger image, or here for a horizontal one

  9. Gandalfe says:

    Now that’s just cool. Thanks Lewis and Alan. (Hey, that sounds like a talk show on the telly.  ;o)

    Alan, I luv getting the pings for your blog on facebook that you’ve a new post. Too bad you have to do that manually. But it works better than my RSS ping list.

  10. alan says:

    Jim – I don’t seem to have to do it manually – but I’ll email you, to save getting too nerdy here.  Lewis and I were possibly being a bit wicked by discussing whether you’d need a horizontal or vertical picture – to avoid either dislocating your neck, or having to stand the monitor on it’s side ?

    Which view was easiest  ?

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