Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…

Click here for a larger imageWell, over the last two days we’ve had combinations of sun, very dark skies, bitter winds, rain, hail, something desperately trying to be sleet – and today, Easter Sunday, was no exception…

So I guess the dogs, having been given a quick run to attend to their ‘needs’, and then been well fed and watered, decided there was nothing for it but to soak up what little warmth there was in the conservatory – whilst conserving energy for better times.  Click on the picture for a bigger one !

Whilst Ace ( the Collie-Cross ) snuggled down conventionally on the old sofa, George ( the Lakeland Terrier ) obviously decided on a somewhat elevated position – lets hope he doesn’t roll over in his sleep…

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7 Responses to Lazing on a Sunday afternoon…

  1. alan says:

    Luckily (for him…) George didn’t fall on Ace…

  2. carla says:

    think george just enjoys the high life, or maybe he’s watching over Ace, aaahhh.  Or maybe he’s a loin stalking his prey then forgot what he was doing up there……..

  3. alan says:

    Or maybe even a combination of all those possiblilities, and then some ?  Complex little blighter…   ( but interesting, never a dull moment when he’s around ! )

  4. carla says:

    i couldnt get an emoticon up!

  5. alan says:

    Are you getting all emoticon’al…? 

    (try dragging them… )

  6. alan says:

    Here’s George about to hit me with a big stick, for taking the mickey out of him –I’m scared, RUN !

    ( sorry about the faded picture, George always likes to attack with the sun behind him, just like Attila the Hun… )

  7. Karen Gil says:

    ohhhhh.. they are so cute..

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