Rico may just have been a little confused….

Click here for a larger picture Click here for a larger pictureLooking for the oldest Rico Plasticover box I have, to try and find out (for another thread) when they first came out – I came across this old box of Plasticover clarinet reeds…  That WAS from a long time ago !

I’ll just draw your attention to what’s printed inside the box – ” Important – To neutralise reed moisten thoroughly before playing “.

OK !

Moisten the plastic covered reed” ?  Whatever you say, Mr Rico, just keep taking the tablets….    Don’t seem to be able to find that very helpful advice either on, or in, later boxes of Plasticover reeds…  Wonder why ?

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4 Responses to Rico may just have been a little confused….

  1. lewis says:

    The words which worry me are "To neutralise reed"….are they coated with Potassium Hydroxide which requires washing off?

  2. alan says:

    Especially, as my way of "moistening the reed" for the last 45 years – has been to put it in my mouth for a thorough ‘saliva soaking…"   And I’m still here

  3. I’ve been using Plasticovers for decades. The coating isn’t impervious to water – it just limits the flow in and out of the reed, so these reeds take a little time to ‘warm up’.
    My standard procedure is to give the reed a lick and a blow, then put it aside for five minutes – after which time it’s ready to go.
    Worst thing that can happen to a Plasticover player is to have a reed go halfway through a set and be forced to switch to a dry one and play a solo immediately! For that reason I always keep the last reed I used handy alongside a new one.
    I suspect that ‘neutralise’ effecitvely means ‘make ready’.


    Stephen Howard

  4. al says:

    Stephen – That makes a lot of sense, why totally encapsulate a cane reed ?  I used Rico Plasticovers for years – when doing a lot of doubling – without even knowing that.  I guess the short ‘playing in’ that I gave each one, just to test it, did the initial moisturising.  As they were then in use often and literally every night, they probably never got a chance to completely dry out.

    I always alternated at a couple for each sax, after one split on me – nicking my tongue in the process…  😦   P.S.  Sorry your initial post went astray – you can now post instantly with the same name/email.

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