Testing out various photo albums…

And the first I’ll try is the DM Albums plugin.  These are pictures of a slightly battered Martin (stencil) Melody Master C-Melody from the thirties – note the front-F.   Its literally a copy of my ’31 Martin C-Mel – note Bruce’s ‘Pontiac rings’ on the joints.  I just didn’t bid enough for it on ebay !  But then I can’t buy ’em all…:wink:  Right-click on the main image for options, or click on individual thumbnails to see the big picture (arrows mean more…) – the slide-show may not always load because of server memory constraints, if the image files are huge.

Photo Album: Martin (stencil) melody Master C-Melody Sax

So – if anyone wants some photo’s shown as a gallery on here – let me know !  I can them in a directory and just point the slideshow at them…  The actual ‘on-screen’ size can be increased, if you wish – and there’s a ‘full-screen’ option

Note to self : Check the source to see what command is needed for future use – took a lot of ‘trial-and-error’ before I got to the right code, then even more  to get the ‘full screen’ working ! The inline parameter “currdir” is followed by the image file directory…  Seems like a leading ‘/’ is optional.

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2 Responses to Testing out various photo albums…

  1. alan says:

    How about Flickr  – there must be a better way than just this link ?


    It’s my (in)famous ’31 Martin C-Melody…

  2. al says:

    Here’s a slightly different approach, hover the cursor over any of the three following links for thumbnails, or click on any of them for the full-sized image !

    front   left   right  

    Nice ! (this is just to remind me that it’s the ‘FlickrTips plugin’ – yes, works with Flickr albums as well…)

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