Farewell Owen (for a while)…

Owen ( who frequently posts here – and elsewhere – as ‘ukebert‘ ) will sadly be missed for the next six months or so – lucky sod is off to sample the delights of Wales, Hampshire, The Lakes and Scandinavia !

Keep in touch, Owen. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist the lure of the ever-growing Internet Cafe culture – even Weymouth has some ! We’ll keep your seat warm here, thanks for your past contributions and support – very much appreciated…:wink:  (And apologies for nicking your picture from facebook !)

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15 Responses to Farewell Owen (for a while)…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    I second all that…but even in darkest Wales they have the odd computer, so please keep in touch.
     Are you perchance spending time at some form of "halfway house" to cure you of your bell ringing phobia?
     I spent seven consecutive January s in Norway at -40…lovely place & delightful people…do enjoy yourself in whatever it is that calls you away.

  2. alan says:

    Well, you can’t be that far from an internet cafe, Owen ? Can’t believe how quiet it’s got since you left !

  3. al says:

    Yes, I miss you as well… 😦

    P.S. In case anyone notices the little gravatar (image) that has started appearing on the left – why not sign up for your own at gravatar.com ? It’s free – then it gets automatically added to your comments on many blogs etc.

  4. ukebert says:

    I’m back today, and then going up to Shetland tomorrow 🙂 What’s been going on in my absence?

  5. alan says:

    Not a lot happening – just for Lewis I’ve a Post brewing that features two Morris Dancing C-Mel players 🙄 – probably won’t be up until tomorrow ! Trust you’ve had a very enjoyable time ?

    Apart from that it’s been VERY quiet… 😕 Just passed the time away by ‘tweaking things’. Oh, and I’ve made a tentative committment to play a bit of piccolo (C obviously) to help out a local 1850’s society at the local Nothe Fort.

    Nice people. They want to start a Victorian fife and drum band – I see myself more teaching the fife than marching… So, if you ever see any side drums (or fifes) for sale in your travels, please let me know – they’re desperately needed.

  6. Lewis Pelham says:

    Owen…Lovely to hear from you; even under the threat of Morris Dancers!
    May I respectfully suggest that your Victorian precedences are inappropriate. Initially you should, in my view, grow a Dundreary moustache, (“buggerers grips”); obtain a battered topper & cane, & find a small terrier….the absolute essentials of a Victorian gent of a certain type.
    Sorry, but proud to say that I would not even recognise a fife or a side drum. 😆

  7. Lewis Pelham says:

    I am reminded of a Tom Waits remark…”If there’s one thing worse than Folk Music played badly, it’s Folk Music played well..”
    You see; I am not alone!

  8. ukebert says:

    What you want is a side-blown English Flageolet Alan 🙂

    Funnily enough I’m going to the Shetland Folk Festival.

  9. Lewis Pelham says:

    Owen…Are side blown English Flageolets still legal….I thought that they were outlawed under the 1925 Misuse of Substances Act.

  10. alan says:

    No, the ‘side blown’ ones are still a legitimate musical instrument – whereas the ‘straight’ ones are often spotted in dodgy surroundings ( like folk festivals 😛 ) with a pipe-bowl attached to the end…

    Owen, if you see anyone swearing at (or jumping on) any old high-pitched 6-keyed flutes/fifes, offer them a fiver for it and sell it onto me – with a reasonable ‘mark-up’ to cover your expenses, naturally…

  11. ukebert says:

    Not here in Shetland I’m afraid Alan. There was a rather nice walnut (I think) pic at Sidmouth for an attractive price a year or so ago, however it turned out to be in Bb, so I didn’t go for it.

    Lewis, I have an end-blown French Flageolet somewhere, the french are rather more lenient than we are 🙂

  12. alan says:

    That’s the ones – Bb fifes – here’s a recent acquisition, and here’s a very poor attempt at coaxing a sound out of it….

    By the way, the picture is from the new Logitech webcam, inpressive bit of kit !

  13. Mal-2 says:

    Did the webcam reverse the picture, or did you do that?

  14. alan says:

    Well spotted Mal – I intend to use the webcam to add video clips to ebay listings etc. – and my brain needs to see the ‘same-side’ hand on the screen move in the same direction that I move mine in …

    The normal ‘mirrored image’ was just too confusing for a simple West-Country lad like me 😯

  15. Mal-2 says:

    I noticed the backwards fife first, but then when I saw the “HAPPYFISH” on your shirt backward, I knew it was done electronically (deliberately or otherwise).

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