There’s no hiding place now…

Thanks to Microsoft Virtual Earth, even the ‘eye-in-the-sky’ satellite pictures can now show not only an overhead aerial view, but a ‘birds-eye’ view from all four compass points, N/S/E/W.   This is a view of ‘Tucker Towers’ from the East, which, although on the edge of a big estate/village (Southill), is literally heaving with wild-life thanks to the abundance of greenery.  And just across the deserted bypass (bottom right corner) is Radipole Lake, a major RSPB site, so even some of the more exotic migrating species pop across to sample British bird feeders.  The red arrow marks the entrance to Tucker Towers…  Pop in for a brew if you’re ever passing !

Scary, but (in a way) nice – as I don’t have wings, I never realised how good it looks from the air. And, within a radius of a few miles are several strikingly different coastal outlooks around Weymouth, Portland, and along the Chesil and the Jurassic Coast.  Sigh…  And to think I used to live in a concrete jungle under the Heathrow flight-path.  I’m home, and it’s heaven for the dogs !!!

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3 Responses to There’s no hiding place now…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Looks very rural Alan…a set from The Vicar of Dibbly.
    Thanks for shewing me the location of your front door…I have always slunk in from the rear, where the bucolic aspect is not so pronounced.

  2. alan says:

    Lewis – you had me worried there for a moment, until I realised I’d got ‘bucolic‘ confused with ‘bubonic‘…   If you think that’s bucolic – this is the view in the opposite direction of the arrow – looking from my front gate outwards ! (taken today, when there are far fewer leaves on the tree’s…)

  3. totalsuper says:

    Good Lord, man! The whole palace is yours? (Yes, I meant to say palace.) You *have* done well for yourself. Bravo!

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