Dan Higgins on C-Melody – again !

This time playing “River Walk” – again with his son Dustin Higgins on guitar, perfectly complementing the sax sound.

I assume still the borrowed Buescher C-Melody, and again with his tenor Otto Link mouthpiece.  May be me, but I sense that this video is slightly less ‘tongue-in-cheek’ than the original Christmas ‘Slow Struttin’.

I’d just love to see what recording equipment was behind the camera, the sax microphone is an indication of how Dan’s professionalism makes him want the best sound quality – even from the much maligned C-Melody.

Thanks Dan – totally enjoyable, and proves (yet again) that the C-Mel does still have a place in the sax players arsenal ! Quite a distinctive sound – it’s now also the first track on the mp3 payer (top right of the page).

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