Getting my recording equipment sorted…

Since moving onto a more modern PC, my old traditional ‘mic in the soundcard’ method seems to be somewhat lacking…  So, I’ve invested in a couple of half -decent USB bits, all for less than $250More info later, but here’s a test clarinet sound – just happened to have an old Pedler metal clari lying around (below) as I was making sure all the drivers were loaded.

This first test is in fact on my creaky old laptop – which crackled and buzzed with the old stuff, but direct in (and out) of the USB ports seems to be ‘hunky dory’…  For the technical amongst us, it was an old Audio Technica Pro 22 mic, into an M-Audio MobilePre USB Controller.  Recorded by the free Audacity software (I have expensive stuff, but the free Audacity is truly amazingly useful…) on my elderly Compaq M300 Laptop.

Here’s the sound    – and here’s the old, leaky, battered metal clari (with equally ancient Vandoren 5JB mouthpiece)

Agreed, not exactly earth-shattering, but very audible, not crackling/buzzing/humming, and now I have a very portable recoding setup that’ll let me use all my old mic’s (Shure, Ramsa, Sony, AKG) with the modern technology.  More to follow – and I also bought a Samson Q1U USB mic for the tower PC, more about that later, as well…

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5 Responses to Getting my recording equipment sorted…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    What a lovely sounding instrument…"woodier" than a wooden model & probably more reliable.

  2. Gandalfe says:

    Hey, you actually play pretty good for an ol’ man. 😎

  3. alan says:

    Gandalfe – If you could just hear the gentle flapping of the broken/ripped pads, that fraction before they totally close – you’d laugh.  It won’t die, that old metal clari – it deserves a refurb, maybe then I could get some dynamics out of it.

    Hey, did the smilie work with just ‘double-clicking’ ?  Have I fixed it ?  No more having to drag ‘n drop, only to find it vanishes ?  😉

    Ol’ man indeed !!!  To think I started playing clarinet not far short of fifty years ago (mind you there have been some VERY long layoffs as well !). I don’t remember playing clarinet once, when I scraped a living out of music – always sax and flute.  Shame no-one wanted clari…

  4. Mal-2 says:

    Mahna mahna!

  5. al says:

    Mal – thanks for that, I just couldn’t remember where that tune came from. 🙂 I always reckoned that ‘Zoot’ was the gig I was born to do…

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