The Boat That Rocked (and sank, twice…)

Word spread like wildfire around Weymouth – “They’re filming on Portland, and need extras – eighty quid a day, it’s a doddle – plus all you can eat...”  So, off I go on the Saturday morning – just need to turn up at the Prince Regent Hotel on the seafront, and the job’s as good as mine !  Oh yeah, me and several hundred other people with the same idea, queues around the block… (the Hotel entrance is very far left)

I did, in fact, just walk in and out in a matter of minutes – but much later in the day !  Surprisingly I was only applicant number 234 – quite low considering the early morning scrummage – but with a second day still available for registration, I suspect the total number of hopefuls will go very much higher.  Just slightly concerned that the short application form asked ” Can you swim ? ” and mentioned something about …the rescue being filmed at night…’

As the film is loosely based around the 60’s Radio Caroline Pirate Radio Ship(s), the first two of which sank, should I be worried ?  Hmmmm…  Not a lot of people know that, instead of using a Popular Hit of the time, Radio Caroline’s first theme tune was Jimmy McGriff’s ‘Round Midnight ( a jazz standard composed by Thelonious Monk ) !  So, I now await the last-minute phone call, or an email….  Pity it’s not another Titanic re-make, I’d have had a heads start as a musician still playing whilst the ship sank around me !

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2 Responses to The Boat That Rocked (and sank, twice…)

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    I am reminded that, sometime in the 1950s, Hollywood intended to film "Treasure Island". After much searching for a manufacturer of an authentic wooden ship, they discovered Appledore Shipyard.
    Not at all phased by the drawings, Appledore completed on schedule and a representative of the studio was sent over to inspect the ship.
     He telephoned Hollywood saying that the ship was perfect & the harbour was perfect for some of the film shots….asked if any of the locals could be dressed up as pirates, as extras, the reply was that they would have to be dressed down.  🙂

  2. alan says:

    Love that last comment !  See it hit the newpaper as well…

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