Kirk and Cream !


This quite surreal video from England in the late Sixties shows what appears to be Roland Kirk and his trio (?) jamming with Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton (of Cream fame) plus the late great Dick Heckstall-Smith seen here also playing tenor and soprano simultaneously – in the presence of ‘The Master’, Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Priceless footage and memories, even if only because Dick played mostly tenor, but often with his soprano usually tucked very insecurely under his right arm !  And both players favoured King Super 20 tenors, you don’t often see two of those together. Dick’s has a huge pickup grafted into the (silver) neck – as was the ‘fad’ at that time…

Thanks YouTube, and PedroMendesVideos – for letting me re-live that era….

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2 Responses to Kirk and Cream !

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

     A good historical document…I would never have believed that that combination existed.
    Clappers does not look too pleased that the saxophones tend to muddy his solo. Rather a despairing glance at them occasionally.

  2. al says:

    Yes, I wouldn’t ever have believed that the combination could have happened, let alone been filmed.  Apart from the acoustic bass player, probably mic’d up but almost certainly he was the only one who could hear what he was playing – if he was lucky – there’s a few seconds at 2:36 where a little old lady in the crowd looks totally bemused ! 😯

    Classic shots as well, of a relatively young Ginger Baker before he turned into a more extreme version…

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