Recent changes to the blog…

Thought I’d explain a few changes to the site, just about done now, probably no more colour scheme changes – just a little tidying up !

Click here to register with a) Gravatarsglobal avatars.  There is now a small image that pops up to the left of a comment.  This is an avatar that is registered to the email address that you use, and usually works on all blogs (etc.) that use them – so not only here ! Plus if you register here, and include a website in your details, the gravitar will link back to you.  You can register for a gravitar at and if you don’t have a suitable one to hand, a Google search for ‘avatar library’ will find bucket loads.  If you need any help with this, email me.  The gravatar shown is the default if you don’t have one.

Click here for a larger image

b)  There have also been some changes to the comment form (left), you can now use more wysiwyg formatting features ‘in the box’, add smilies, and even get an email notification if someone else comments on the topic (with or without commenting yourself, for registered users…)

c) I’ve also introduced some ‘image previews’, where, if you hover over links to images, a small preview will appear – you can still click on the links to see the full-size ones.  Try these Big Ugly pics, just hover over them – front left right

Click here to login or register

d)  Those of you who are registered can ‘sign in’ at any time by clicking on the small Martin logo’s dotted around the pages – you can now register by clicking on ‘ Register  underneath the login box – or indeed hereA password will be mailed to new users, it’s an anti-spam thing (Check your own spam box in case your email dumps it there…)  Once you have a password you can login and change it to something more memorable in your profile. Your details will not be shared with anyone.  Again, any problems/questions – email me

Of course, you can still post without registering, but, again, your very first comment on this blog will need to be moderated (again to stop spam) – after that you can comment instantly using the same name/email.

e) Think that’s the most important bits, I well put this up as a ‘Help‘ page.

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28 Responses to Recent changes to the blog…

  1. alan says:

    Just testing out a new gravatar – bye bye Santa

  2. carla says:

    Hope my gravitar shows 😛

  3. al says:


  4. Homer says:

    Well, if you three can do it, anyone can !  🙂

  5. alan says:

    And now we have video and/or audio commenting, enjoy !


    The video quality can be improved, I’ve no doubt ! 😛

  6. Lewis Pelham says:

    Good video…what a wonderful way to get to know others. I noticed that you had the “West Country Burr” filter turned up to ten; I do not remember it being so evident on the occasions where we have met. 🙂

  7. alan says:

    Lewis, my accent is a bit of a chameleon, in that it tends to blend in with others that I’m in conversation with. A throwback to when I came out of Cornwall in the sixties – in those days a heavy regional accent was a barrier to polite society 🙂 – unlike today, when it’s a positive attribute… When I’m in a quiet, reflective mood, and on my own – it all comes back, max strength !

    This is a different method of video insertion, much better video quality and direct from my website (needs flash player on your PC, which it probably has…) – but unfortunately not a totally ‘automatic process’ like the video comment !  I’m doing some tests on a separate (development) blog, so as not to confuse things here !

  8. Lewis Pelham says:

    Alan…That second video also works very well.
    I do know exactly what you mean about accents being acceptable…I can hardly understand the ghastly Geordie accent which infests a lot of Channel 4 stuff….& those screeching parochial women; I must be getting old.
    It is the hard city accents like Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham (especially) and Manchester which are jarring…your soft West Country is, and always has been a delight.
    I now find that people with regional accents actually recoil from mine initially…yet they can all understand me, whereas I do not have a clue what they are talking about. Brian Sewell should be a model rather than a figure of ridicule.

  9. ukebert says:

    Now why doesn’t my gravatar work?

  10. ukebert says:

    Ah, that’s better.

  11. alan says:

    Hello Owen – possibly just a ‘refresh’ ? Hope you noticed that video and audio comments are possible, just no swearing please… 😆

  12. alan says:

    So, guess Owen’s gone again… 😥 Back to tinkering 😆 Here’s another video test with a bit of help from the free Microsoft Windows Movie Maker… (free AND Microsoft in the same sentence ? Nah…)

    Apart from the more modest screen size, just noticed that I’ve started all three test videos with “ Well “…
    Well, that’s very curious, better look into it 😀

  13. Lewis Pelham says:

    Beats “Well Basically”, “At This Moment in Time”, or the nauseating “Hi Guys”….or any of the usual toe curling verbal fillers. 👿

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  15. Justa Test says:

    Another level of spam filtering is sadly now necessary, I’m getting 30-50 spams a night… However, genuine ‘new users’ can now comment without waiting for the first comment to be moderated. I’ve created a Custom word list, related to saxophones, so shouldn’t be too many obscure words – and audio prompting is available for the hard-of-seeing…

    Hopefully only the spammers will be inconvenienced… A period of assessment will follow. 🙄

    By the way – if you’re logged in, the ‘enter the word you see’ box won’t show. Just comment normally. If you’d like a login, just email me with a preferred username and I’ll gladly set you up with an account. Might even let you post topics ! 😀

  16. Justa Test jnr. says:

    Added ‘trackback’ spam filter, just checking to see it hasn’t stopped comments. Oh for a spam-free world – I’ve given up on Wades site – crying shame 😥

  17. Mal-2 says:

    Time for some new software over there, the old board offers about as much protection as this:

  18. alan says:

    This is just a ‘maintenance post’ – I’ve been clearing out some old unused bits, as I have to (yet again) do an upgrade on the site, as the software has (yet again 😕 ) moved on with even more protection against hackers/spammers… So I needed to check that I can still post comments. As with most things in life, the rate of change seems to be becoming exponential 🙄

    When the upgrade happens, this will be preserved as – just in case, so there is a ‘go back’ escape route – and the new blog will be at (without the ‘c’).

    Everyone coming in from will be automatically redirected, and redirection will hopefully be in place for others using as a direct link. So probably nowt will go wrong, it’ll all be seamless, and nobody will notice anything. But that’s a few weeks/months away yet, I’ll hold off as long as I can.. The ‘new’ blog is already in place, in a parallel universe, and being tested as we speak ! 😆 😆 😆

  19. alan says:

    And I’ve momentarily brought back the ‘wysiwyg’ editor, to give more flexibility when commenting.

    You can do things like this – and even  add links easily.

    Downside (I think) is that the smilies may now back to being ‘drag and drop’ – instead of click ?  – but I suspect the old text (e.g.) ‘colon D’ smilies still work – quick test 😀 🙂 😦   Let me know if it’s a pain…

  20. al says:

    Also checking to see if it all works when I’m not logged in….
    (old text similes. e.g colon-) colon-( and colon-D ?) 🙂 😦 😀

  21. alan says:

    I’ve just realised that if you hover over the graphic smilies, you can see what the ‘textual’ representation is for each of them- Doh !

    Let’s try adding a few just as text – 😕 😮 😛 😉 8) 😥 🙄 (yes, they work – just need one space between each of them, and of course the word they follow or precede…even ‘mrgreen’ works :mrgreen: )

  22. alan says:

    And, after faffing around, I’ve found a combination the seems to make everything work, double-click on the graphic smilies, and they get inserted as text but converted to icons when posted – or add them as text yourself, or whatever you fancy trying… Let me know of any problems you may encounter. Time for a doze, the old grey cells are contributing to global warming 😀

    :arrow::grin: 😀 🙂 😦 😛 😕

    ( Note to self – avoid the latest TinyMCEComments 0.4.4-4 – all seems to work, even at 2.51, with the old 0.4.3-2. Need to check out double-click on 2.51. Use ‘WP-Grins’ and not the ‘Smilies Themer Toolbar’, altho ‘Smilies Themer’ can be enabled on it’s own – to allow interpretation of text smilies ? Just all too confusing, check thoroughly when brain stops buzzing… 😆 )

  23. Lewis Pelham says:

    Testing Turentine

  24. Lewis Pelham says:

    Bah..Turentine gravitar didn’t work

  25. Sandy says:

    Oops……….yes it did!

  26. Lewis Pelham says:

    At last; a Gravitar.
    A painting by my wife, of Stanley Turrentine…another marvellous tenor player who seems to be ignored.

  27. alan says:

    Lovely – and a personal post by the artist ( Sandy ) as well – I’m honoured.  I think it takes a little while to filter through the gravatar website, guess there are so many that changes/additions aren’t instantaneous.  ‘Course, the gravatar is ‘retrospective’ – should now show up on all the old posts, like changes on SaxOnTheWeb !
    Yes, its now on posts 6, 8, 13 etc.  😀

    P.S. That sounds like a good title for a movie – Testing Turrentine…. 😆

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