While the Gallery is away…

Here’s the   Dogs on ‘flickr’ (click here)    slideshow.

a) hover over the main picture for an ‘i’ – clickable for details, click again to remove

b) move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen to see the thumbnails, move along them with the left/right arrows

c) click on any links/options you see – needs a good test, and you can’t break it !

Hint: For the HELP screen, go to the bottom right corner – and click on Help…

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6 Responses to While the Gallery is away…

  1. alan says:

    And this is how they’d look in ‘DM PhotoAlbums’

       The Dogs… ( – click here)   Right-click on the large picture for options..

    Plus –

        Weymouth and area  ( – click here)   Right-click on the large picture for options..

    And –

        The old musical stuff  ( – click here)   Right-click on the large picture for options..

    Not forgetting –

        Some  ADULT  humour  ( – click here)   Right-click on the large picture for options..

  2. alan says:

    So, I’m afraid the gallery (as it was) is a ‘goner…‘  Seems to have died during the upgrade, so, having also tried the little-known ‘DM PhotoAlbums’, I’ve decided to go with flickr.  At least any flickr skills learnt will be more usable than the other lesser-known photo albums.

    I already have an unlimited ‘pro’ flickr account (courtesy of my BT Broadband subscription – they are both now bedfellows with Yahoo) – so I’ll go that route – even integrates with the blog and facebook.  Hope my small but select band of readers enjoy it.  Why not sign up for a free basic account, or, if you’re with BT Broadband, use your login to get a free ‘pro’ flickr account and upload your own digital pictures..

    "Onwards and Upwards" – as they say…  The old ‘Gallery’ icons now point to flickr, and there is a new dynamic mosaic at the top of the page – just click on  http://www.flickr.com at the top of the mosaic.

  3. carla says:

    Very nice 😀 Lovely display

  4. Lewis Pelham says:

    So the Gallery died during the update.
    The old adage reminds us that if something works well, keep "improving" it until it stops working.  🙂

  5. alan says:

    Lewis, as with the old version of the blog software – which I recently upgraded and we’re still very much here – the photo gallery ‘core’ software had moved on, and needed to be upgraded to be anything like current and/or supportable by the company that provides it. 

    Unfortunately, with any software that allows (e.g. like here) the building of a ‘presence’, there are essentially two elements.

    a) The top level – the veneer that you see, this page – which I am capable of tweaking to make it as presentable and as friendly as it can be.  The changes to the top level are both cosmetic and functional.  The problem is always at the lower (unseen) level  –

    b) The underlying ‘software engines’, which drive the (usually hidden) ‘mechanics’ of the pages.  This is the software (provided by various companies, and that I have no real control over) that needs upgrading from time to time, to stop hackers and fix known problems.  Seems like that current release of (just) the Gallery software has caused more problems than it allegedly fixed – no surprises there – so I’m happy to not waste my time finding out why…

    ‘flickr’ is far better than the old Gallery, and is external – out on the web, not on my server – so they can take care of how it runs, all I want is a reliable place to store and view pictures. As for ‘keep "improving" it until it stops working ?’ – where would (e.g.) the motor industry be now without R&D ?  I’m sure that last question will raise a comment or three 😀 …

  6. Lewis Pelham says:

    Probably a direct parallel with the Motor Industry in that most R&D is driven by legislation…emissions, H&S, cost saving etc.
     Left alone we would still be driving cars which were made to enjoy. There is a huge gulf between Transport and Motoring. The former being an efficient method of transporting limp and supine bodies with minimum hassle. The latter conducted with a huge grin and armfuls of opposite lock.
     Such is "progress"…Hey Ho.

     By the way, if Homer can do it, then so can I….but later!

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