Two things every soprano player needs…

Both seen on ebay recently – the first is a Soprano Saxophone Drool Stopper – no sax-player should leave home without one, who knows when the dreaded drips are going to start…   Just how have I managed without one all these years ?

The second item is far more useful, and probably ecologically sound…  What more natural than a Bamboo Mouthpiece to complement your bamboo reed ?  The only thing to top that would be a Custom Bamboo Lig !  Maybe I’ve just discovered a niche market ?

But seriously, I have a wooden clarinet mouthpiece that plays just fine – so I’ll just show a picture, and a link, and leave it to your imagination.  I must say, I quite like the look of the bamboo mouthpiece…

A real snip at a Buy-it-Now price of $400 

I had a gentle chuckle when I saw ceramic mouthpieces listed a while back, but they sold well, so why be surprised at these ?  I think I’ll pass on the very enterprising Drool Stopper though – even if it is only $10…

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6 Responses to Two things every soprano player needs…

  1. Lewis Pelham says:

    Perhaps there is a market also for a chrome ring, which, when clamped to the side, would hold a pint pot! Thirsty work playing the soprano. 🙂

  2. alan says:

    If you follow a couple of links, you eventually get to a website with sound samples.

    Here’s the soprano mouthpiece sample << click on the speaker for streaming audio..

    I like the idea, and understand why it has to be epoxy coated, for stability, but surely that affects the sound ?

  3. Gandalfe says:

    Price aside, it is a nice looking piece.


  4. alan says:

    Yes – I really like the style, and the grain. Not quite in the same league as this clarinet display cabinet – hover over the link for a preview, click for full size… (thanks ‘cadmanofthe50s‘ ).

  5. Ross says:

    If only they could combine the two – a bamboo mouthpiece that soaks up the drips before they reach the neck!
    Alan, patent and market a bind on raffia ligature.Could be sold as eco-friendly,
    with appropriate endorsements from your regular bloggers, on Ebay. Profits could fund website development!

  6. alan says:

    Ross – nice to see you back, for some reason your comment had to be OK’d again 😕

    I had more in mind a simple round ‘slide-on’ ligature, made from nothing more than a cross-section of some suitably sized bamboo – I’m sure someone makes one already, the name escapes me, but not out of wood…

    (update) Just noticed on ebay, it’s a ‘Bois’ ligature

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